Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding Some Lost Boys

They are Lost.
I'm praying my guts out that they will be found!

                                              Pearson                                                           Dagmar
                                              $3,971.00                                                        $3,962.00
 30520132428  30520133548
                                                    Grady                                               Porter 
                                                 $3,962.00                                           $7,600.00
30520133224  Porter 2013
Three of them you haven't seen before.   Only Porter you should recognize... maybe... he's not in a sweet little pink sweater with a head full of hair anymore... 
You don't recognize the other three...
But look closely.
This is our Aaron...Taken three years ago in a village far away.  When he was Lost.
Notice what he is wearing?
I wish I could show you a picture of Aaron in a sweater similar to Pearson's because he wore that too.  But we weren't allowed to take pictures when he had it on. 
While we were there the boys received a shipment of new clothes. 
Those sweaters were part of that shipment. 
Three years later...
Those sweaters bring back a LOT of memories.
Four boys who are lost.
They all four have money in their grant accounts. 
You helped raise Porter's funds for him.
The money in Pearson's, Grady's and Dagmar's is bittersweet for me.
My sweet Yegor.
He had a Mama who was just starting the process.  A Mama who loved him.  But then his country closed.  And now he is Lost.
Since R closed its doors to adoption... his money was moved.
I got to choose.
With tears raining down I had it transferred from one little Lost Boy...
To three more Lost Boys.
Won't someone find them?
God opened a door for these boys. 
They now need desperately to be found.


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  2. Unfortunately, that's because another boy in their institution (Hanson on RR) died. His grant was split between the three other boys.

  3. Oh Pearson! What an adorable boy!

  4. Thank you for advocating for these sweet souls. I still pray for Porter daily. I will pray for the others too.


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