Friday, August 30, 2013

Fatherless Friday

I've been ministering to my dad for the last 24 hours.
He's been sick for a few weeks and unable to eat and drink much.  Yesterday morning he took his blood pressure like he does every morning and it had tanked.    I played ambulance and rushed my dad to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital his blood pressure was as normal as mine.  ?????  We figured it was a fluke and after a few hours of observation he would be discharged and we would get to go on our merry way!  Until dad's blood work came back..... 
......Last week Dad had a CT scan done with dye injected.  Unfortunately someone dropped the ball and forgot to inform him that he should not take some of his meds with that test.  The combination of the dye and the meds wrecked havoc on my dad's kidneys.   Rushing my dad to the hospital with a tanked BP was the BEST decision because otherwise we would never have discovered that his kidneys were in BIG TIME failure!
After several rounds of IV fluids he was starting to perk back up.  When I left him at the hospital last night I hugged him tight. 
I don't take for granted the blessing I have been given in my dad.  Too many in this world live fatherless.  Too many.  I have a dad and he lives next door to me.  He loves my family deeply.  He has been one of Aaron's biggest supporters and my little son loves his granddad more than words can say.  Once my dad's eyes were opened to the plight of the fatherless across the ocean he has been a fierce warrior for them.  He supports our Lost Boys and gives to the families and the orphans.  He prays.  He cares. 
Our Fatherless Friday babes are all found on the RECENTLY UPDATED page of Reece's Rainbow.  Many of them have waited for a very long for a Papa to come.   Some of them are facing transfer or have already been transferred. 
Chrystyna is seriously in need of a family. PLEASE SOMEONE LOOK PAST THE LOUSY HAIRCUTS. 
 Chrystyna 2013 
This little guy is so full of life and joy.  Put on your running shoes Papa.  This little guy is going to keep you trim and fit!
Armando (3) Armando (4)
Oh Please Please Please someone see Aubree!!!! 
What a sweet soul!  
This little one is 11 years old.  SOMEONE GET HER OUT OF THAT CRIB!!
Alys June 2013 
What a beautiful girl!!
Diana 2013 Diana 2013-001
 Check out that smile!
Quentin update 2013 (5) Quentin (1) 
 Oh Brett!!! 
Brett Dec 2012 Brett 2013 

 Please look past the eye and see into this child's heart!!! 
 What a precious little girl!
Coralina June 2013 
This sweet one faces a lifetime in a crib if not adopted soon as she is soon going to be transferred.... She just started walking!  PLEASE!!
 30716201615  Ethel May 2013
I love this sweet girl and she has been listed for forever!!!

Tatiana 2013 

Go read the description on this sweet soul!!
 Kristopher 2013 

There are so many more....


They need Papas.  They need Grandpops.  They need family.  They need a hope and future.

I've been privileged all my life to have a dad.

I wish that same privilege on all of these babes.

Pray.  Advocate. Give.  ADOPT.

Come on dads.... ADOPT!


  1. Hi Julia,
    I am taking a break from FB, I felt I needed to. I will be checking your blog still and Following and helping RR still. When you have a mulligan stew fundraiser and such, let me know!!

    Anne Ross

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your father. Praying he will be feeling better soon. It always breaks my heart to see so many children still waiting and the lack of concern so many people have about it. Don't stop yelling though because there are people listening. I just wish as many people were concerned about these children as there were about a pop star and her dirty dancing.

    We continue to fight for our daughter. We are not giving up. Sarah has put together this short youtube video and we are trying to gain interest in it. Please share with your readers. We cannot forget about these children in Russia.

  3. So sorry about your dad, thankful you took him to the hospital! Continuing to pray for all these children.

  4. Praying for your Daddy and for these precious ones!

  5. Prayers for you Dad from Hungary and thank you for writing this post!

  6. Dear Julia,
    Thank goodness your father is on the mend. My own DH is sleeping, preparing to work the graveyard shift to earn extra money for the adoption of a sibling to one of our 2 FAS cuties. She was 3.5 years and 13 lbs at her last medical. So, we cannot do much now for the RR babe on our hearts. Zabrina, age 9, was the best friend of our other daughter. The fact that she has been listed on RR is a miracle. We have helped some for her fund, but she has already been transferred. It was a stretch for us to agree to get the sibling, and I know it would not be good to make "triplets" of the two 8 yr olds we already have; it would not be good for any of them. I have found a lovely lady who is her guardian angel now, but I don't know that she can adopt Zabrina. It has been a year for her on RR. I keep praying for a miracle for Zabrina. Thanks for everything you are doing for them all.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!