Saturday, August 24, 2013

Once They Are Opened

I used to do Fatherless Fridays every Friday.
But somehow in the chaos and confusion of our lives and on Facebook, I lost my bearings.   Buying a business has been a good decision for our family in the long-term but in the short-term... OH MY GOODNESS! 
August has by far been the hardest.  Families and homeschool co-ops and Christian schools and Classical schools are all trying to figure out what in the world they are going to do for history and literature and writing and geography and art and Bible and BIBLIOPLAN is FINALLY getting noticed in the social media world which means we are fielding questions and calls and yes, sales!  Since our business consists of ROB AND ME, and we are both STILL WRITING  (we are still working on our Early America and World year)...well, we just feel snowed under most of the time.
But this week a little boy appeared on the newly listed.

He has arthrogryposis like Aaron.  He is in an EASY part of his country (10 day wait waived) and he is adorable.
To say my heart stopped is putting it mildly.
Rob and I both just looked and loved and wished....
I didn't want to share him.
I wanted to keep him to myself and just love him from afar.  My little secret.  I wanted to pretend that we could go over and get him but the door for us is not open right now and sweet Tavin needs a family.
So yesterday morning I took a break from work and shared Tavin with you.  It honestly hurt to do it.  I didn't want to give Tavin up.
Along with Tavin I shared a whole bunch of other sweet ones that I have been watching and praying over.  In that list was my other sweet secret - Israel. 
He's been my other secret longing.  If you look at my sidebar you will see the first picture we ever had of Aaron... notice the shirt?  Red is my favorite color!!
It felt so good yesterday.
I set aside the chaos.  The confusion.  The frustration.  The exhaustion.
And I blogged for the babes.
...The amount of private messages and comments and the INQUIRIES.....  Wow!.... So worth it!!
These kids are so worth it....
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Oh my dear friends...

Do you see?  Do you see your sweet one?  Is there a spot at your table?  These babes are from all parts of the globe.

And there are more.

So so many more.

Little ones who will bring challenges and adjustments to your family but who will also bring joy and laughter and wonder and awe.  Little ones who will teach you about God and His Ways.  Little ones who will reorient your world beyond anything you ever thought or imagined.  Little ones who will steal your heart and never ever give it back.

Do you see?  Will you consider?  Will you pray?

Will you look?

Just look.

Look at Merry

Merry (2)








LOOK at them.

See them.

There are so so many more....

Please take the time to look.

Pray.  Consider.  Advocate.  Donate.


Once your eyes are opened....


K 2008

Once they are opened....



Now they are opened!


Jada 2008



  1. Praying for your business, and yes even an "open door" if God wills!!!

  2. Tavin is adorable:) I was wondering where I could inquire about little Benjamin and Russ? Thank you!

    1. Csilla, contact Debbie at Reece's Rainbow....

  3. $320 to Merry. Thank you for posting these, Julia

  4. Dear Julia,Thank you for writing this post. I was wondering if I could send you an e-mail. Thank you.


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