Sunday, September 8, 2013

A New Score

Sometimes, just when the concert is about to start...
When the orchestra is warming up and each section is getting fine-tuned...
When the music is being arranged carefully on each stand and the last warm-up notes are being sounded..
Sometimes,  just when the musicians are getting ready to play that first note.. Just when there is a huge intake of breath by the woodwind and brass section, just when the string section has lifted their bows to pull their first note, just when the percussion section gets ready to provide the first beat...
Waiting... waiting for the Conductor to lift His baton to begin..

Sometimes... sometimes... the Conductor steps back... takes the musical score in front of him and changes it...
A new score.  A new symphony. 


Back in July the Lord began tapping.  Three families close to my heart were soon crossing the ocean.  All three adopting for the 2nd time or more.  Two families I have come to love deeply and one family I owed a great debt.
Rob and I talked.  We prayed.  We considered.  How could we help?  What could we do?  Helping to raise the ransom is so so very hard.  
In August God started showing the way... doors began to open.  Matching grants were offered.  The three families began to pray.  We prayed.  But despite the open doors, we felt in our spirits that the timing wasn't right.  August was too rushed.  'Wait' was whispered in our hearts.  The donors willing to pray and wait with us. So we set the grants aside.  Waited.  Wondered.  How would we know?  The need was great.  How would we know when the time was right? 
September started and I began to wonder more intensely.  What were we going to do?    In typical ME fashion I began to try to envision putting the grants out there but again... Wait.   September 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...  Then the real worry... How in the world could we match the grants if we waited too long.  I lay in bed and wondered.  Waited.  Prayed.  Worried.  Yes worried.
September 7th.  An e-mail.  A dear friend who read my Blogpost about four little boys stuck in sheds every single day of their lives.    An offer. 
Suddenly the musical score we wanted to play had been removed and a new one was in its place. 

This one grander.  God-designed.  Majestic.  Crowd-stopping.  Thunderous. 
But it meant re-tuning everything.  Changing out instruments.  Adding to the band.  How?   How?
Only God.  The Conductor, Creator,  Writer of this Symphony.  Only God.
Only God.
This Symphony so much grander.  So much harder.  So much more challenging. But the outcome. 

The outcome will bring down the house.
Stay tuned. 
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  1. I cannot wait to hear the full orchestra play that wonderful melody you seem to be humming under your breath!

    On the edge of my seat,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. Looking forward to reading the news :) God bless you!

  3. Oooooh! Surprises are so fun! Can't wait!


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