Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Ace of Spades

When I was in school I rarely got picked for anything.
 I was too small and skinny for anyone to take me seriously when it came to sports.  I was more interested in reading a book hidden under my desk to EVER be taken seriously academically.  I was way too happy climbing trees and riding bikes and wearing  grubby clothes to be picked for beauty contests (EWWWW).  I had a sister with a voice like an angel, a brother who was Mr. Popularity himself and... well....  you get the picture.  I didn't bring much to the table that made anyone ever want to take notice!
So imagine my surprise when I was informed this week that my little blog has been chosen as the blog of the month on Reece's Rainbow.

I think.
Does that mean I have to come up with something wise and amazing every day?

Maybe being chosen isn't all its cracked up to be.  Climbing trees and wearing grubby clothes is much more my style.
Tis okay...
I figure as long as I keep this little guy front and center than I can't go too wrong...
He's my Ace of Spades!!


  1. I would repost your post about picking Aaron up from the orphanage. They are powerful and they will "hook" everyone who reads them:)

  2. God choose you to be the mom of 3 amazing young men. I'd say you are much better off than the beauty queens :)

  3. I agree with Katrina! You have a way with words that make people hear what you have to say in your posts. I'm still not there yet & don't think I ever will be but that's okay with me :)

  4. I am an adoptive Mom myself.(domestic) While I am to old to adopt now (60) I still enjoy reading blogs. I love you blog and how you advocate for other children. Aaron has really blossomed !

    You are a great writer.

    Janice, Florida

  5. Dear Julia,
    Aaron is your ace, but your writing is what knocks people's socks off! By the way, I sense a topic for you from the last comment. Many people really should not adopt. It takes a special personality to deal with raising a SN child of any sort who comes from "hard places." But there are a ton of "I can'ts" that really mean, "I won't." I am 54 and when the 4 yo FAS, CP, 13 lb. sibling of our 8 yo daughter became available from Lithuania, there were a lot of excuses in our house. But, when you surf the net, there's always someone poorer, older and more stressed stepping up to adopt, and you realize that they are really, just excuses. Anyone who is an able- bodied empty nester should consider how their home can be used, esp. for those teens in foster care who only need a few years of intense care. So go for it, Julia! Few have the power you do to change hearts! Sherry

  6. I looooove reading your blog, So you deserve to be chosen! I am mostly a silent reader and do not comment often-But Aaron has stolen my heart from the beginning (and the rest of your lovely family!) And, might I add--that Birthday cake is awesome...

  7. Julie, I could have written your first four sentences. I'm serious! It was a fun childhood!

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw your blog listed on RR, too! Keep up the GOOD work, my friend!

  8. Julia, you are totally to blame for me becoming an advocate for the kids of RR - hopefully, many more people will read your blog and get involved somehow, too !! Do what someone else suggested - on those days that you don't have time to blog - repost some of your older posts (especially the ones about Brady, Heath and the Lost Boys). All that reading hidden books gave you a wonderful, expressive writing style - you should be the blog of the year, ne'er mind the month !!


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