Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Longing Of a Boy's Heart

Do you see?
Do you see the look in his eyes?
The longing in his heart?
The boy in the white shirt..  Do you see how he has leaned in... soaking up...
Hanging on... Hanging on to this man for dear life??
Do you see?
This boy who walks the streets alone now.
This boy who is making life-choices that are too big and too hard for his shoulders to carry.
Do you see him??
Do you see him??
That is Ianto.
Just a boy desperate for a daddy.
Hanging around as he watches two of his friends chosen.
Hanging around and wishing.  Hoping.  Longing.
Will you love me too?
Will you be my Daddy too?
Will you cross the ocean for me??
Do you see him?
Do you see the longing in his heart?
Soon sweet boy.
The answer is YES and YES and YES again.
Just hang on. 
Hang on.
He now KNOWS they are coming..
He KNOWS who they are. 
He desperately wants to be with them.
A little over a month ago another RR family was there at his internat and talked to him and reassured him that he has not been forgotten. 
He immediately started to pack his bags.
Soon sweet boy.  Soon.
But he isn't at the internat now.
This boy so hungry for love.
Even though he is ONLY 15 years old... he graduated from the internat and is now in a trade school.
Picture a boarding school for adolescent boys and girls with no one watching over them.  Shepherding them.  Guarding them.
Picture a trade school where no one has considered the aptitudes, talents or abilities of the students learning the trade.
Picture a school where young boys and girls are easy prey for those on the outside to use them.  Manipulate them.  Abuse them. 
He's struggling.
It isn't a good fit.
He  desperately needs a dad.
A mom.
A family.
Soon, sweet boy.  Soon.
Oh Please, Please! Pray for Ianto.
Pray protection around his heart.  Pray for him to hang on and not give up.  Pray that the Rowes will be submitted SOON so they can get travel dates.
Pray people.  Pray.
He's just one orphan boy out of millions of orphan boys.
But he matters.
He matters to the Rowes and he matters to us.
The choice he will have to make in a few months will be a life-changing choice.
He will have to choose family over the streets.
He will have to choose rules over freedom.
He will have to choose submission over self-rule.
He has to make a life-changing choice that will impact the rest of his life.
Please pray for him.
The Rowe's still need $1,522.00 for their matching grant to be matched.... Once it is matched...They will be just about be FULLY FUNDED for Ianto.
Just typing that sends shivers down my spine.
When I first spoke to Janice about their financial need all the way back in the early summer I wondered if it would be possible.  They had so much to raise and so little time.  Their reserves were completely dry.  Two adoptions in a year already had drained them.  They had already begged family and friends to help them with the other adoptions.  How in the world were they going to raise the ransom for this one?  But they could NOT leave Ianto behind.  They just could not leave him behind.  So they stepped out in the biggest leap of faith and have watched God provide. 
$1,522 separates them from being almost fully funded for him.
That's it.
Just a drop in the bucket compared to what they needed only a few months ago.
Let's finish it up.
Stand behind this family as they offer this boy hope and a future.
Help them bring their Forsaken Tune into their family!
Praise God....
The Dobrovits met their match!!
Four matches have been met....
Five matches to go!
Do you realize that every single dollar donated to the four boys from Aaron's institute is not being doubled but TRIPLED??  Do you realize that they are being given an AMAZING gift!  When you donate 10.00 - it is really like donating 30.00.  That is HUGE!


WE NEED TO RAISE:  $16,700.00

WE HAVE RAISED:  $15,009.00

(This includes the money for the Dobrovits, Tam's, Deutsches and Brenton that is over and above the matching grants.  It does NOT include the hundreds of dollars that has been donated to the Hortons, Taylors, Unroes and Grace Knuth)

WE STILL NEED:  $4,737.00


Janice and Tim Rowe - 3,700 matching grant - Raised $2,178.00
PORTER - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant   - Raised $207.00 
DAGMAR - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant - Raised $176.00
PEARSON - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant  - Raised $216.00
GRADY - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant  - Raised $186.00


 Renee and Steve Tam - 3,000 matching grant - Raised $4,838.00 MATCH MET!!
 Val and Bill Deutsch - 2,500 matching grant - Raised $3,250.00 MATCH MET!!
Carla and Paul Dobrovits - 2,500 matching grant - Raised $2,567.00 MATCH MET!!

 BRENTON - 1,000 matching grant - Raised $1,441.00 MATCH MET!!


The Unroes have  been given a $500.00 matching grant....  They are listed below in our Extra Giveaway section!!  If they match that grant they will be FULLY FUNDED! They still need $22.00 to match the grant! Their grant account needs to read $23,038.00!!  Go donate to them, enter their giveaway and come back here and enter ours!! 

The Heroes of this Symphony....THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Jacquelyn, Tiny, Andi, Cathy, Cathleen, Arnie, Kenlyn, Andrea, Jennifer, Robin, Kim, Guy, Nicole, Christina, Gentry, Theresa, Cortney, Pamela, Laura, Tiffany, Holly, Amanda,  Rebecca, Penney, Sherry, Cheryl, Nancy, Samm, Hannah, Alex, Susan, Jennifer, Amy, Jamie, Leah, Victoria, Debbie, Pam, Robin, Kathryn, Lisa, Tina, Carolyn, Pam, Nicole, Rob, Julia, Annette, Ivy, Stori, Deanna, Hansini, Elizabeth, Michelle, Trish, Neil, Christine, Katherine, Jennifer, Renee, Janice, Carla, Amy, Frankie, Brooke, Tanna, Christina, Elizabeth, Brooke, Jessica, Christine, Sonja, Sara, Edith, Beth, Beth Ann, Missy, Csilla, Sue, Jessica, Nancy, Tracy, Andrew, Ben, Kim, Emily, Kim, Molly, Trina, Katrina, Tea, Constance, Rosie, Amy,  Christina, Mama, Andrea, Cindy, Martha, Emily, Erin, Robin, Laura, CareB, Salem, Frankie, Kayla, Coll, Heather, Elizabeth, Jamie, Carrs, Lynette, Deborah, Cheryl, Lisa, Amanda Amy, Amanda, Emily, Lisa, BB, Michelle, Naomi, Amanda, B family, Brooke, Rebecca, Jessica, Kelly, Karla, Deb, Teresa, Kim, Beth Ann, Jenny



  1. Donated $60 to the Rowe family, from Crystal Williams

  2. Hello, we are the Bowden family and we donated 10 to Unroes, 10 to Rowes, 10 to Taylors, 10 to Grady, 10 to Dagmar. Total of 50. God bless these orphans and families.

  3. I donated twenty to the Taylors and 20 to the Dobrovits.

  4. Isaiah 50:2 was my reading this morning. . .
    Donated $12 to each of the four boys still unmet and $60 to the Rowe family. Prayers and Blessings. Emily Streeter

  5. 10 to Pearson, 10 to the Hortons, and 20 to the Tannehills

  6. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU for this post and pushing for these families and kids!


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