Monday, October 21, 2013

I'll Take Anyone

His story went viral.
The fifteen year old boy who stood up in front of a large church and begged for a family.

"I'll take anyone," Davion told the 300-strong gathering at the church. "Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be," he added.
Old.  Young.  Dad or Mom.
I Don't Care.
I'll Take Anyone.
10,000 e-mails and calls were received after his story went viral.
Ten thousand families in this country looked in their homes and found an empty chair at their table.  They found an extra bed.  They realized they had a seat in their van.  They found that they had enough love in their heart to add one more.
Ten thousand families responded to the cries of a 15 year old orphan boy who was tired of being an orphan.
Oh Dear Lord let that mean 10,000 less orphans in this nation and beyond.
Let those 10,000 families see beyond the one boy and be willing to consider the millions.
I'll Take Anyone.
On Friday there were two less orphans.

The cries of their hearts were heard.
For fifteen years they too prayed.  Hoped. Wished. Dreamed.
Each time someone new walked through the institute doors they looked and wondered and hoped.  Estelle used to ask - HAS ANYONE COME FOR ME? 
God heard.
He heard the deep desires of their hearts.
For fifteen years He watched over these two orphans.  Caring for them.  Providing for them.  He raised up people in their community who visited them.  Loved them.  Took them to church.  Prayed over them.  They prayed that a CHRISTIAN family from America would come to adopt them.  They knew that in their country they would never fit in. 
And God heard.
He raised up a humble, willing Godly family.
Within just a few minutes of meeting these two humble people.... Estelle and Gerard looked at each other and smiled and said YES.
And two orphans are now brother and sister.  Son. Daughter.  Grandchildren.  Nephew. Niece.  Grafted into a family for life.
I'll Take Anyone.
I don't care.
Young. Old. Dad. Mom.  Black.  White.  PURPLE.
I don't care.
My boys can't stand up in a church and beg for a family.
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They don't get that privilege.
The longing in their hearts is their silent prayer as they lay in the dark each night.  After the caretakers have left. When the doors are locked and they are alone in their beds surrounding by the noise and misery of the other boys in the building.  When the night terrors come with no one to comfort and calm them.  Their whispered prayers for someone.  Anyone.  Black.  White.  PURPLE.  Anyone to come rescue them from the darkness. 
They don't care if their van is not new.
They don't care if the house is small.
They don't care if they will have to wear hand-me-down clothes.
They don't care.
They just need a family.
Please hear the cries of their hearts.
 Old. Young.  Dad.  Mom.


  1. He is such a beautiful boy and he's not even across the ocean! They are all worthwhile.

  2. This post reminds me of how absolutely outrageous it is that i, as a gay person cannot adopt a child internationally. When a child would lovingly and desperately accept ANYONE... if only the laws could be changed, there would be at the very least one less orphan on my part.


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