Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recovery Mode

I'm in recovery mode today.

Yesterday's hospital trip was not one I want to repeat any time soon. 
We left home at 2:30 am ... spent 5 hours in the pouring rain to get to the hospital....  We had FAST appointments and left the hospital at 10:30 ready to make the 5 hour trip home... We left early enough to be AHEAD of ANY rush hour traffic in Delaware, Maryland OR D.C.  We were on cruise control feeling like we had won the lottery!  I mean.... 10:30 was a total WIN WIN!!  We had TWO families in the van with TWO children who had  appointments and we got out of there at 10:30 am.  That NEVER happens!
With two iPads to entertain the two children.... and a quick trip ahead of us... we seriously were flying high.
On our face exhausted.
Car accidents.  Rush hour traffic.  More car accidents.  More rush hour traffic.  Road construction. 
And I get to do it again next week.
Aaron is good to go for surgery on Thursday so the two of us will travel up on Wednesday and probably head back home on FRIDAY. 
As I said... I'm in recovery mode today.
Of course the BEST part of the trip was seeing the other children with arthrogryposis and talking to their moms.  PLUS... riding in the Shriner's van with us for 14 hours LONG HOURS was the NEATEST mom and her foster daughter.
The little girl has been through fire and back yet has the most amazing spirit.
She is joy herself!

She humbled me.
Would that I had a small portion of her ability to wade through life's troubles with her toughness and courage. 
She truly humbled me!
Despite being in recovery mode and despite dreading our trip next week... I am grateful for the hours spent talking and laughing and suffering in the van.  I am grateful that God allowed our paths to cross.  It was worth the agony. 


  1. that poor precious girl! what she has suffered :'( Prayers for healing and peace for her.

  2. Aren't you the mom w/ 14 hrs driving for Philly? When we were getting Joe's legs the other day one of the orthotics guys mentioned a mom that did the 14 hr trips for serial casting...I told him I think I know that lady and her son. Your little friend looks like she has a it burns? Joe has burns too..


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