Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sweet Boy

Mom.... Come on....
I'm reading!!!

Okay... a LITTLE smile...

Sweet sweet boy!!
I'm still waiting to hear from the following winners....
A FRAMED print of an 18th Century engraving by G Bickham Sculp  "The Chace" - Ryan Franz
Beautifully Framed Original Chin*se Hand Embroidery on Silk - Jennifer Wojcik
Beautifully Framed Original Chin*se Hand Embroidery on Silk - Dee Long
Framed Oil painting Bouquet of Flowers signed by Birkin - Amanda Shumaker
500 gift card - Stephanie Becker
Henry drawing - Stephanie Becker
25 dollar Barnes and Noble Gift Card - Christina Schye
25.00 Visa Gift Card - Karla Akwa
50.00 Adoption map – Deb W.
50.00 necklace –  Penny Tucker
15.00 Micah Six Eight necklace – Kathryn Beckett
Winners need to e-mail me at covenantb@yahoo.com


Then put your address and any other instructions in the e-mail itself.  Please don't send me facebook messages or leave the info in comments.  With 31 prizes I am trying to do this in the easiest way possible!

Winners need to claim their prizes by Monday, October 14.  Prizes not claimed will be redrawn and new winners will be announced!!



  1. Hi! You commented (so nicely) on my blog when I was writing about blogging.... You know, I rarely comment on yours, either. Firstly, because I feel so overwhelmed, sad because I don't have money to help, even a little bit. Sad because I'm past being able to adopt any more. Anyway, I guess really is is the not being able to help that makes me feel useless here. I pray for these kids, though. Love your good work. (OK - maybe I'm also sad because I don't have the gifts, I guess, for being so lively and vibrant and zealous, and doing such good work as you are doing.) Nellie

  2. LOVE that photo of the sweet smile! (I didn't think I'd read this post....yet I commented above. How odd!) Nellie

  3. He's so handsome! He looks so grown up!


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