Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Engine

 If you listed all the things that his little hands can't do... you could fill quite a number of pages.
It doesn't stop him.

He's the Little Engine That Could
We are off to Philly today.  Just Aaron and me. Elijah had too many places he needed to be for Rob to be able to come.
Please pray for us.
We are going to be at Dupont this afternoon to get Aaron's WREX fixed. We are HOPING for a room at the Ronald McDonald House in Delaware. The plates are coming out of Aaron's knees tomorrow.
I can't wait to be home and we haven't even left yet....


  1. Wow.. What an amazing artist! He is awesome!

    Debbie Marks

  2. His attention to detail is awesome.

  3. The way Aaron overcomes the lack of dexterity in his hands is remarkable, but that's not the only thing. For a nine year old his eye for detail and proportion is well developed too. I think you've got an artist in the making!

  4. WOW. Go Aaron!! That is some very impressive artwork. Seriously!!
    I'll be praying for you trip. I hope that everything goes well at his appointments!

  5. You've got a very talented budding artist there in Aaron! Well done! I hope you're taking "The Engine" along to Philadelphia to show everyone - it tells so much about Aaron.

    And I hope all goes well, smoothly, and easily, and that you'll be back home, safe and sound, asap.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  6. Wow! Aaron is such a gifted artist!! I want this framed on my wall!! It's amazing, and I loved the other pictures you have posted before also. Praying for y'all during your trip! Much love, Neysa Summers

  7. Aaron is a great artist! Thank you for sharing! Many prayers for you and Aaron the next couple of days.

  8. Wow, that is a great drawing, he has real talent ! Hope all goes well with your trip, my thoughts & prayers will be with you.

  9. Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! Grace and peace for all. That is one amazing artist you've got---

    Love, kelly

  10. That's AWESOME! Best wishes for a speedy trip and smooth sailing on all medical waters there...

  11. Oh man, Julia! We were just at the RMHDE on Sunday and Monday! We just missed each other! I hope your trip went well! Please tell Aaron I am seriously impressed with his artwork!


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