Friday, October 4, 2013

YES YES YES Sang the Little Boy...

Are you hearing this? 

This Symphony that seemed so disjointed and off-key at the start?

Are you listening?

When the Conductor changed out the music we gasped.  Wondered.  How would it all fit together.

The musical score.  The instruments.  The song selection. 

The choir members.

We questioned whether the Conductor really knew what He was doing.

Not today.

We no longer are questioning the music or the wisdom of the Creator of this Symphony.

The music is swelling around us.... filling us...

Reminding us anew that without the Conductor in our lives we are just single instruments playing empty music to an empty auditorium.

Do you hear it?

The music is overwhelming me as I sit here in the back.

Many in the audience are already on their feet - standing in awe and wonder. 

Grants have been met. 

Families are shouting for joy as the burden of raising so much money has been lifted.

The New Songs, the Sad Melodies, the Forsaken Tunes being sung are bringing even more to their feet.

I am weeping.


The music of our Lost Strains shocks me.

10825232256  10825233124

Their YES carried by the wind across the ocean.

These two who were offered a gift.

It was awkward and strange.

The room crowded with observers.

They came in together to meet the family.

Not brother and sister by birth yet never have they been separated.

They were introduced and then asked.

I gasp at the craziness of that scenario.

How can you decide in a matter of seconds to let go of everything you know and bind yourselves to complete strangers?  How can anyone be brave enough to say yes under those circumstances?

They stood together - our Two Lost Strains.

They stood together and smiled and sang their quiet YES to the family.
10825232256  10825233124

Are you weeping to the sound of that music?

Are you weeping to their song of Yes?

Don't stop weeping...

Listen to this music...

The music that the Conductor wants us to hear as part of this Symphony...

The music of a precious little boy who did not belong in the dreary, love-starved world where he resided.

The music that lit up his eyes and filled his heart with songs of praise and joy and excitement.

He didn't just sing YES - he SHOUTED it to every person who came within his realm


Sang the little boy in a world of the Lost.

Yes to family.

Yes to Hope.

Yes to a Mama and a Papa who were standing there before him with tears threatening to explode down their faces.

Yes to brothers.

Yes to sisters.

Can you hear his joyous chorus across the ocean?

The joyous chorus of a little boy who scared so many off when they read Mental Institute behind his name.

The joyous chorus of a little boy who turned so many away when they saw his age.

The joyous chorus of a little boy who was chosen despite his diagnosis, despite all.

Can you hear his joyous chorus?

Can you hear it?

Are you listening?

Listen to theirs.

Our boys choir.

30520132428 30520133548 Porter 2013 30520133224

They strain to sing the same song of joy and wonder.

Their hearts want to explode with the same melody.

But their chorus is muted.


They have not been chosen yet.

Their grants are met and for that we sing songs of joy but they have not been chosen.

Their songs are weary and tired.

They too are older.  They too are in the same type of dreary, love-starved place.  They too carry diagnosis that scare.

They too are singing but they each are singing different songs. 

Songs sung while they sit and stare at the walls around them.

Songs of dreariness and despair.

Songs that falter and songs that wonder.

Will anyone come?

Will anyone come?

Some in the audience want them to stop.

The Symphony is too splendid and awe-inspiring to have to listen to their dreary lifeless songs in the background.

But the Conductor is not bothered by their music.

He wrote it in.  He designed His entire Symphony around their songs.

Their cries are what called Him to change out the music.

Their songs fit perfectly into His score.

He wove this boy's dreary song into the score and his family heard.


Their paperwork safe in the hands of the powers that be - sealing his right to be able to soon sing his song of joy and wonder to his family.

The Conductor wants us to hear.

He wants us to hear their lonely sad off-key songs.

Are you listening?

30520132428 30520133548 Porter 2013 30520133224

Please won't you listen?

None of these boys have families in pursuit.

In fact only one has ever had any inquires made about him.

When the grants are distributed (and this will take time) - Three of the boys will have over $8,000 in their grant accounts and one will have over $10,000.

These are BOYS.  Little boys.  Boys who may sing off-key and may look different with their shaved heads and sad faces but they are still just boys. 

Please hear the joyous song of Frank.

He is 13 years old just like Grady.  Only a year younger than Dagmar.  Pearson is 9 and Porter is 8. 

Frank's song of joy yesterday brought me to my knees. 

I wish with all my heart that these boys would be singing that same song. 

Please won't you listen?

Their music needs to be heard!

Please won't someone listen!!!



WE NEEDED TO RAISE:  $16,700.00
(To match the 20,700 in matching grants being offered)

WE HAVE RAISED OVER:  $23,699.00
(This includes the money for the Rowes, Dobrovits, Tam's, Deutsches and Brenton that is over and above the matching grants.  It does NOT include the hundreds of dollars that has been donated to the Hortons, Taylors, Unroes and Grace Knuth)

If you add in the 20,700 in matching grants that were on the table....
All total, counting the matches.... 

WE HAVE RAISED:$44,399.00

Yet we still have two days left in this giveaway.
Conventional wisdom would say to quit while we are ahead.
But I want to keep this Giveaway open because we need to get our families fully funded.
The Rowes are fully funded for ONE but are hoping and praying that they will be able to tuck another little one away in their suitcase if the Lord opens the door....
The Dobrovits still need $2,245 to be fully funded.
The Deutsches are IN COUNTRY and still need $1,215 to be fully funded.
The Tams thought they were fully funded until they were given the sobering news that Caroline has to have a test that takes 8 weeks to read and her director is refusing to let her take the test early (Gerard and Estelle had their test done early and so the Deutsches will be able to take them out in the normal time span for that country).  Plus, the Tams are looking at traveling during Christmas which is going to increase their process and tickets will be more expensive.  They are now needing another 2,988 to be fully funded.

So join in if you haven't!! 

We have two more days to fill up their buckets!!


PEARSON - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant  - Raised $1,166.00

PORTER - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant   - Raised $1,006.00 

GRADY - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant  - Raised $1,024.00

DAGMAR - $1,000 + 1,000 matching grant - Raised $1,036.00 

BRENTON - 1,000 matching grant - Raised $3,643.00

 Janice and Tim Rowe - 3,700 matching grant - Raised $4,124.00
 Renee and Steve Tam - 3,000 matching grant - Raised $5,073.00
 Val and Bill Deutsch - 2,500 matching grant - Raised $3,372.00
Carla and Paul Dobrovits - 2,500 matching grant - Raised $3255.00
The Heroes of this Symphony....THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Jacquelyn, Tiny, Andi, Cathy, Cathleen, Arnie, Kenlyn, Andrea, Jennifer, Robin, Kim, Guy, Nicole, Christina, Gentry, Theresa, Cortney, Pamela, Laura, Tiffany, Holly, Amanda,  Rebecca, Penney, Sherry, Cheryl, Nancy, Samm, Hannah, Alex, Susan, Jennifer, Amy, Jamie, Leah, Victoria, Debbie, Pam, Robin, Kathryn, Lisa, Tina, Carolyn, Pam, Nicole, Rob, Julia, Annette, Ivy, Stori, Deanna, Hansini, Elizabeth, Michelle, Trish, Neil, Christine, Katherine, Jennifer, Renee, Janice, Carla, Amy, Frankie, Brooke, Tanna, Christina, Elizabeth, Brooke, Jessica, Christine, Sonja, Sara, Edith, Beth, Beth Ann, Missy, Csilla, Sue, Jessica, Nancy, Tracy, Andrew, Ben, Kim, Emily, Kim, Molly, Trina, Katrina, Tea, Constance, Rosie, Amy,  Christina, Mama, Andrea, Cindy, Martha, Emily, Erin, Robin, Laura, CareB, Salem, Frankie, Kayla, Coll, Heather, Elizabeth, Jamie, Carrs, Lynette, Deborah, Cheryl, Lisa, Amanda Amy, Amanda, Emily, Lisa, BB, Michelle, Naomi, Amanda, B family, Brooke, Rebecca, Jessica, Kelly, Karla, Deb, Teresa, Kim, Beth Ann, Jenny, Dee, Ryan, Luba, Sierra, Eric, Benjamin, Emily, Kayla, Crystal, Corina, Alicia, Karen, Lisa, Emily, Susanna, Corina, Jenny, Julie, Stephanie, Sonja, Ben, Heather, Angela, Lance, Nicole, Kari, Ann, Alyssa, Naomi, Kim, Andrew, Valerie, Celeste, AnneMehgan, Lisa, Deborah, Naomi, Holly, Cynthia, Katie, Julie, Jenny, Judy, Jennifer, Stephanie, Emily, Lori


  1. This is SO encouraging! Wonderful news that those 3 said YES to families! What an answer to prayer! And what an act of bravery on their parts! :) Praising God with you!! And praying for families for the lost boys. I wish we could bring them all home!

  2. Julia, as always, your words are beautiful. Well done, good and faithful servant!! You & Rob have allowed God to work through you in conducting this amazing symphony; may your family be blessed as you have so faithfully served these families, these boys, and most importantly, our Savior!! Julie

  3. YES, I am weeping! Joy-filled tears for those who said yes. Sorrowful tears for those who wait. Excellent post! Thank you for pouring your heart out on behalf of those who can not speak up for themselves. Our Father hears our cries!

  4. Julia, Thank you so much for the updates on the 3 that said YES! I read the Deutsch's post about meeting them and the visit with them and it is so heartwarming and gives me hope for other older orphans like the boys in the symphony.

    Sue H.

  5. God Bless you and all of the donors, traveling parents and waiting children.

  6. $30 more for toffee from the Tams... That TB test stuff sure is a bummer!

  7. $20.00 donated to the Horton family
    $10.00 donated to the Tam family

    Greg and Wendy Sherbert


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!