Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Dehority Distraction

My mom died of cancer in 2001.
It is easy to remember when she went into the hospital that last time because it was right after the 9/11 attacks.  We thought her hospitalization was just a bump in the road.  She knew it was the end.
I hate cancer.
My mom was only 65.  She had so many dreams.  Places she wanted to go.  Things she wanted to do. Grandchildren she wanted to watch grow up.
It was one of her heart's desires to go on a mission's trip.  But she worked - teaching school and giving piano lessons to hundreds of children through the years.  She raised four children and there was always tomorrow... tomorrow...
Cancer robbed her of tomorrow.
I have a close friend, Barb, who is in her last days as I type.  Just a few months ago we traveled to South Carolina together to a convention.  Now she lays dying in her bed with her family surrounding her.  Three children who are in their teens holding her hand as she passes into the arms of Jesus.

She will never see her children graduate from high school.  She will not be there to plan their weddings or lavish love on her grandbabies.
Cancer has robbed her of tomorrow.

Oh my heart bleeds for my friend and her family.

I hate cancer!!
The iPad in the Giveaway that Patti Rice has set up for my trip.
That iPad was donated by a dear friend who is battling cancer in the worst way.

She stepped into my life a few months ago and has spun her way into my heart.
Her story makes me weep and rejoice and cry out prayers to the throne for more time.
Cancer invaded her body well over five years ago after she gave birth to a precious little boy who just happened to have Down Syndrome.  His diagnosis didn't send her into tailspins.  She already had lost one who carried that same diagnosis and had also been blessed with another physically disabled child. Her precious treasure was truly a treasure to her.

Her cancer was the aggressive, nasty kind.
The kind that causes night terrors and thousands of tears shed when no one is watching.
The kind that can send the strongest to their knees.
She didn't want to succumb to the depression that whispered to her in those dark days.  When she and her husband battled the night terrors they looked for an outlet.  A way to take their minds off their harsh reality.  A way to fend off the darkness.
The Lord led her to Reece's Rainbow.
A ministry that sets out to find families for the discarded babes around the world.  Babes just like her sweet treasures.  Babes she would have adopted if only she could....
Each time the terrors started they would go on the website and make quiet, anonymous donations to a needy child, a needy family.  Whispering prayers as they donated.  Praying God's blessing on that child.  That family.  It brought them quiet joy.  They would watch the reaction from the Reece's Rainbow group when someone noticed a child's grant account jump.  They would smile when a family would Praise God for the donation into their account.  The secret was fun and it kept the depression at bay.
So she quietly gave.
And gave.
And gave.
Anonymous.  Quiet. 
They called it the Dehority Distraction.

Beautiful.  Godly. 
The cancer is back.
Worse than before.
Elizabeth is drowning in chemo.  Fighting.  Believing that she's going to beat this.  I'm believing with her.  Praying.  Hoping. 
She shared her secret with me at the beginning of September.
The Dehority Distraction.
Her love for the orphans and the families adopting them not diminished by horrific cancer news.
Instead, choosing to ramp up the giving to distract herself and to keep her eyes fixed on the One who can heal her.
She was behind the scenes when I set up the Symphony.   She blogged about it and cheered each time a donation was made. Even on her worst days I knew she was watching.  Praying.  Encouraging. Loving the outcome.
She started sharing the Dehority Distraction with her friends.  Pulling them in to take part in what she was doing. 

One of her friends, Kelle Hampton, wrote THIS POST which made me cry a river.  Kelle has committed to getting this little guy FULLY FUNDED. as a gift to Elizabeth!!!

Luke Aug 2012

 I happen to know the family who is moving mountains to get to that little guy and believe me.... I am jumping up and down that the Dehority Distraction is in action!

A few weeks ago Elizabeth found out that I was struggling with whether I should go on my trip or not.  With chemo pouring through her veins I am fairly certain she wanted to knock me upside my head.  In one of our conversations she shared about her dreams.  Her desire to adopt.  Her desire to help the families who are bringing the medically fragile babes home.  Did I explain that she is a doctor?  A doctor with cancer. 

It was Elizabeth who contacted Patti Rice to raise the funds for my trip.  It was Elizabeth who donated the iPad.  It is Elizabeth who is pushing me.  Prodding me on.  She wants me to go because she can't.  She can't.  She's the one who is making me step out in faith believing that God is going to provide.

I hate cancer.

I love the Dehority Distraction.

I love that every single donation isn't just blessing me.  Elizabeth's at home watching two fundraisers right now.  Luke's and mine.  Each time they rise she smiles.  Thumbs up.  Life is good.  God's moving. 

The Dehority Distraction.



Thank you!!!

Make sure that if you have given to not forget to go to Patti's blog so that you can enter into the iPad Giveaway!! 

Whoever wins that is getting a very precious gift!

I now have all of my transportation covered!! Woo Hoo!!  Big planes.  Little planes.  Trains.  Cars. I also have all my food covered!!  Woo Hoo!!  I can eat!! 


What a Huge relief. 

Every nickel donated that is over and above what I need for expenses (and I plan on being as frugal as I can be) is going to the Lost Boys. 


 God is so very good!!



  1. I've been watching Elizabeth's blog for news on how the chemo was going. I didn't realize... Oh I am so sad. I am praying for her and her family.

  2. My goodness, you have some amazing life path crossings! I'll be praying for comfort and healing for both your strong friends...

  3. Cried my way through this post full of very dear friends. So much love.

  4. I know OF her but I can tell you, I LOVE her. Truly I do. Praying for her total healing and praising Jesus for what a blessing she has been to SO SO many.

  5. Stumbled upon your site today. Praying for your complete healing and for you and family during these challenging times. Thank you for reminding me that helping others 'is' why we are here. Your heart radiates true love....God Bless You as you do his work, and are his hands.

  6. I never knew Elizabeth before yesterday. And today, for the second day in a row I'm meeting her and her story again. Yes, I do believe the Lord is gathering an army of prayer warriors right now. Thank you for your tribute to a beautiful Woman of God. As for me and my household, we will be praying. Blessings.


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