Sunday, December 29, 2013

38 for 55

17 babes jumped the wall yesterday.
We have 38 babes to go.
As I lay in bed last night not sleeping (typical when I'm stressed and YES this challenge is stressing me) I was brought back again and again through the night that it is GOD who moves in hearts.  Not me. All the strategy.  All the antics. All the gimmicks and games.  None of it compares to when the Holy Spirit whispers.
I believe strongly in supporting the babes on the Angel Tree.
I'm passionate about it.
I care.
So deeply that I struggle to look at the pictures on there without grieving each and every time.  I've seen where many of them will end up and it breaks my heart. 
It hurts to see the familiar faces.  I think that hurts the worst for me.
Two years ago Mark was part of a Giveaway I did.  One of the first.  Those chosen that year were the PASSED OVER BABES... the ones who had been on the tree the longest.  Yes.  That was two years ago.  We raised 1,000 for him two years ago.  Since then he had a family commit to him but lost them.  Since then he has been diagnosed with leukemia.  Leukemia.  Cancer.  Mark. 
Mark (LA)

He breaks my heart.  And he is stuck down near the bottom of the tree.  Along with the other 92.  Just one picture among many.

So many.

Each with a story. 

Stories that should be told.  Need to be told.  Are screaming to be told. 

They are children.

Stuck in orphanages and mental institutes across the globe.

So I yell. 
For Mark.  And for the other 92.
Reminder:  We are trying to eliminate the 250-499 category on the Angel Tree.  We have been given a challenge that if we get 55 babes over then the other 55 will be pushed over by a donor.  So far we have pushed 17 over the wall.  38 are left.  Help us.



  1. I gave $5 each to 6 children yesterday; those that where lowest on the list. Sadly, no-one else has "bumped" them up any further since. Everything is better than nothing, but I wish I could give more.
    //Anna H

  2. Just bumped Scarlett over! Thanks for the "push"! I wanted to donate this year as I usually do but got too "busy" (UGH) with other things. I'm on a school board for an up and coming Charter School for MS/HS kids with special needs. It is very exciting but exhausting at the same time! I never realized what it took to get a school up and running!!! Happy New Year!


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