Monday, December 30, 2013

The Impossible

Did you see??
When you woke up this morning did you see??
On Saturday morning a few of us were given a choice.  We had a bump grant on the table and we had to decide what to do with it.  Talk about agonizing!!
We could do the easy.... use it to get the top kids over the wall... 
We could do the moderate... use it to get some of the bottom kids moved but in a way where we would most definitely come out shining.
We could do the crazy.... use it to get all the bottom babes over the 500 wall.
Honestly. We agonized.  We went back and forth. I talked to Rob.  We agonized some more.  Getting the bottom babes over required the MOST amount of money needed.  The easy was so tempting.
But God doesn't call us to do the easy.  And the bottom babes were crying out for us to LOVE THEM.  CARE ABOUT THEM. 
55 for 55. 
We chose the hard.
On Saturday night we wondered.  Did we choose wrong.  We questioned each other. Worried.  Second-guessed our decision.
I prayed through the night. 
Sunday morning.  17 babes were over.
38 left.
That was a HUGE number. 
But I serve a Living God who loves the orphan and who loves that we are trying in our feeble and simple ways to love them too.
All day yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Him tap hearts.
And little by little those 38 babes climbed the wall and went over.
Not in big chunks.  But in tiny bits.... one at a time.  A tap here on this heart.  A tap there.  5's, 10's, 20's came in.  Little chipping that put them over one at a time.  Slowly.  Steadily.  Each one a victory.  Each child named.  Each child noticed.  Each child cheered. 
With the bump grant over 22,000.00 was raised in two days.
110 children were blessed.
A Huge Victory!
On this Monday morning I shout Hurrah to the King.
Are we done?
172 children still need to climb the $1,000 wall.
200+ babes need families.
They need to be seen.
It would be so easy to sit back and let the 55 for 55 be our victory for this year! 
It would be so easy.
Right now there isn't another bump grant on the table.
And I gave away most of my prizes on Facebook last night that I brought back from my trip so unless I cross the ocean really fast... I'm almost out of giveaway stuff.
Something like 80,000 needs to be raised in two days.
Impossible.  Yes.
I'm not quitting.
Every single child over the $1,000 wall in the next two days is a Victory to the Impossible.
Every single one.
From now until New Year's Eve...
We will shout praises each time a child jumps the $1,000 wall. 
Will they all get over???? No idea. 
But some will. 
Maybe a lot.
And I'm going to be in the front row section cheering each one on.  Naming them.  Praying over them.  Shouting for families.  Believing that what we are doing is good and right and holy.
Will you join me?
Join me in praying.  Shouting.  Loving.  Sharing.  Giving.
Join me and shout victory each time a little one is noticed.
I will be on Facebook shouting.
Believing the impossible.
Content to watch God at work.
Because the rewards are immense....
They look like this....
Heath... Under the tree this year... surrounded by presents.... Loved.  Wanted.  Adopted.

And this....

Joseph Igor under the tree this year... Treasured.  Cherished.  Adopted.
And this...
Vika, Leo, Yana... surrounded by brothers and sisters this year...Safe.  Protected.  Adopted.
And this...
Levi (Frank) allowed to be a little boy.. Enjoyed.  Prized. Considered a Delight.  Adopted.
And this....
The Johnson children... Four adopted treasures.  Adored. Admired.  FAMILY. Adopted.
THE REWARDS..... They are worth the effort!!
Join in!
There is  room in the front row section for everyone!
Let's have fun together!!
Pray. Shout.  Share.  Give.
Every single child over is a VICTORY!!
P.S. All matching grants... bump grants....  etc etc etc are happily accepted.
P.S.S.  It will take a good part of the day for the bump grant to get the 55 lowest children over the 500 wall... Donating into their accounts now will allow the bump grant to go even farther so please don't hesitate to keep helping those babes!!!


  1. I had chills reading this! We serve an amazing God who shows up right when we need Him most! Praying the babes up to the $1,000 mark! Here we go!

  2. Bumped 5 children some more...I just could not NOT do it! ;) //Anna H

  3. WHAT just happened?! After I donated to 5 children, I came back some minutes later; and ALL the children are now over the $500 wall?!?! Amazing! /Anna H

  4. The picture of Heath nearly knocked me off my chair. Tears here. You know how my kids and I sold furniture and other things we didn't need two summers ago to raise his grant and this just confirms to me that it was worth it. So worth it!!! We've given to so many that were part of the ban or never selected and Heath is our first one that we gave substantially and he's made it home. Oh how I hope his family will update their blog. I will take another look at AT and pray about what I can do for more "Heaths" to be home next year.



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