Sunday, February 23, 2014

They Would Have A Stroke

It's Sunday morning and our littlest is battling a bit of a cold so I am home with him.
He's not going to be contained inside though as it is 50 DEGREES outside and the sun is shining and the outdoors calls to him.  Oh the nannies would be having strokes if they could see him outside with only a coat, NO hat and without seven layers on his body.  And a runny nose.  Shhh.... don't tell.
He's still a child who watches the weather with great concern.  Every day he looks out the window.  Worries over the clouds.  Wonders.  I don't know if we will ever erase his angst about storms or dark days.  We can only reassure him again and again and again and then again some more.  Rain is okay.  Dark days have no hold over us.
He's a precious boy. 
Growing up so fast which makes me want to scream for time to slow down. 
He is a heart stealer.  Anyone who spends but a few minutes with him is pulled into his sweetness.   It's sweet because he has no idea.  He's just Aaron.

Just Aaron.


  1. Aaron is amazing. Those eyes still strike a chord in my heart just like they did when I first saw his photo to the right!

  2. Aaron is a dear boy. :) Today I watched the Olympic closing ceremonies and every time I saw Putin's image I thought of you, and Aaron, and the dear little and not so little people who are apart because of him. It makes me so sad and angry. samm in Canada


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