Sunday, March 23, 2014


I am home.
So so glad to be home.
Gaylord Opryland
Did you know that the Gaylord Opryland Resort is the 2nd largest in the country?  I didn't either until I walked in the building.  Goodness gracious that place was not your typical Motel 6.  I confess I was so lost at one point trying to find my room that I was walking around with my key card begging ANYONE to help me find my room.  Thankfully a nice lady at the Irish Pub took me in hand and walked me to where I needed to go.
It was a wonderful convention despite the fact that my booth was located in the very last row and was the very last one. 
We were BUSY.  Swamped at times.  I am exhausted.  A good kind of exhausted. The kind where we worked hard and did well and I came home safe and sound to a loving husband who held me in his arms for a very long time, and a son who whispered in my ear that my cooking is better than daddy's and a littlest who went hiding so I could come find him.  That kind of good exhausted.



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  1. I went to the Gaylord Opryland hotel for a medical convention last Summer. I was stunned and overwhelmed. I was late to all of the convention meetings because I was always lost. I also found that the map was not at all helpful, lol. It's beautiful, but not my cup of tea!


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