Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Builder

I don't know what he is building...
But whatever it is... he is working hard.

Stopping only long enough to give me a cheesy smile..
And then back to work!
Littlest is LOVING the coming of spring.
Last year at this time he was covered with casts and his misery index was off the charts.  This year he is cast free with NO surgeries in the wings and totally enjoying being outside every single chance he can get. 
Next week we  travel to Shriners for a follow-up and new braces.  We were actually supposed to follow up and get the braces all the way back in November but sickness forced us to postpone that trip. Then we were scheduled for February but a snow storm prevented that trip.  So we are trying again!  I'm hoping he hasn't outgrown the braces before he even gets them! 
Spring break is next week and Aaron is TOTALLY BUMMED.  He LOVES school.  He loves his friends and he loves learning.  He is now reading simple CHAPTER BOOKS which blows us totally away.  His reading is progressing fast although he struggles to understand/retain what he is reading.  Being locked away for six years from any and all experience is a definite setback.  But he is progressing.  I don't know if/when he will 'catch up'. Most days I try not to care.  He's nine and is in first grade and has the sweetness and vocabulary of a pre-schooler.  He thinks mechanically beyond his years and understands way more than he can say.  He's happy.  He's funny.  He's the messiest child I've ever met!
I love him more than words can say!


  1. Contratulations Aaron! What an example of perseverance. Way to go! :)

  2. Love that boy! He inspires me so much. You rock, Aaron!


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