Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Matchings

Here I am again.
Yelling for the families!
I'll be honest.  The news across the ocean is making me ill.
I don't have words.  I have stopped writing about it because I just don't even know what to say anymore. The major news media has articles all the time now but often what I am reading doesn't match what I'm reading in other places. 
In the midst of the chaos... the families march on.
Nicole Dewberry is now IN COUNTRY working to get her boys.  I am so excited for her.  She met Anthony TODAY and HE SIGNED and he is going to have a MAMA and a PAPA and I am crying as I write!

Nicole Trimble Dewberry's photo.
Look at that sweet boy! Signing on the dotted line!!!

Photo: He said "Yes"!!!!!   Signing the letter and here we go!!!  Praising the Lord and so thankful.  Going back in a couple hours to play some futbol!
This morning I received an e-mail from someone offering a 500.00 MATCHING GRANT for the Dewberrys.  Won't you please help me match it? Nicole doesn't even know this yet.  I get to surprise her with the news when she reads this blogpost!!  Please help me match this for her! She meets Murray next week!! They are still about 2,900 short of being fully funded.  Pray too for them as Anthony is in a region where court has come to a standstill.  Pray that the doors open for court to happen!!
And talking about matching grants...
The Lusher family is adopting a sibling group of FIVE.
Yep.  Five children.  (Pictured are four of the five ... aren't they beautiful??)
5 sibs (1)
  5 sibs (2) 5 sibs (3) 5 sibs (4)

They are leaving in a matter of weeks. And are about 17,000 short... BUT... They have an $8,000 MATCHING GRANT through Lifesong for Orphans!  If they get that matched then they get another $8,000.00!
So every single dollar is doubled.  To donate to them you have to donate through their blog to Lifesong for Orphans.  Even though it is a tab bit harder then clicking the easy Reece's Rainbow buttons.. PLEASE TAKE THE EXTRA MOMENTS AND DO IT! This family is stepping off a HUGE CLIFF.  Think about it.  These kids get to be together.  They are true siblings.  Right now they are separated.  But in a matter of weeks they will be united under one roof.  That is amazing and wonderful.  Last December I helped Carla bring three siblings together and that was joyous.  Yes, it is hard.  Yes.  Absolutely.  Each of these children will challenge their socks off.  But the Lushers are up for the challenge.  They want these children beyond words. 

And also speaking of matching grants....
There is ANOTHER BIG matching grant that has stalled.... The Wetherington family.  This matching has been on the table for a LONG TIME and they have had less than $100.00 matched. 
Elliette (1) 
They leave in 6-10 weeks... they are bringing home two sweet babes.. This is their second time adopting so they really have stepped out in faith for these two.  Juliette is aging out soon.  They have a $7,000 matching grant.  Their FSP needs to read $16,001.28 for their match to be met.  PLEASE PLEASE HELP THEM GET THIS MATCH MET!! 
WHEN you donate... leave a comment on THEIR BLOG so that you can be entered to win an ipad or Disney tickets. 
That's it.  Three families. 
Pick all three. PLEASE.  Every single one has a matching grant so every dollar donated is doubled.
It's Easter weekend.
Nine children are finding families.
Nine children will be home next year celebrating Easter.
How utterly cool is that thought!!!

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