Friday, August 8, 2014

Swinging Friday

When you have arthrogryposis....
Little things like getting on a swing..

And soaring in the air..

....pose quite the challenge....

Dismounting is not that simple either...

But he did it!!

P.S. That was the FIRST time Aaron ever got on and off a swing completely by himself!
What is so simple for us can be very very scary for him.
Big times for an amazing little guy!
So I'm going to yell for them again... the Fahringers and the Blooms...
Two Papas across the ocean fighting for their wee ones!
Some donations came in for both families but frankly, it is NOT enough.
The Fahringers are still short $2,483.00 and the Blooms are still short $3,053.00
Both of these families have adopted other children on their trips.... ALL BOYS.  All OLDER Boys.

Did you read that??

Between these two families.... 7 older children are being adopted AND 6 of them are OLDER BOYS!

And the one lone girl.... She was headed for an adult mental institute where she would have curled up and died. 



Would you just look at Barton with his Papa!!!  IS THAT NOT THE MOST PRECIOUS PICTURE OF ALL??
That picture makes me cry.
The type of crying where I am a blubbering mess at my desk.
Thank goodness no one is here to see me in this state of affairs! 

Both families are seriously in need.  If you saw what we are dealing with right now in our business you would know - I would NOT be blogging if the need wasn't so great.  Both adoptions hit HARD roadblocks that have cost more time and money than anticipated.  The ones they refused to leave behind are the ones who are most desperate to get out because their time was completely up. 

Salome and Barton BOTH were aging out of the system. 

It sometimes seems that these are the ones that Satan tries to hold on to the very hardest.  The ones destined for despair have been offered hope instead and honestly, that drives the darkness mad!!

Help me get them funded....

Every tiny amount helps.

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  1. Go, Bubba!! Sometimes I feel like Aaron. Eating sweets and sugar are very, very difficult for me. Ugh. I miss you on Mondays and your loving hugs so very much, Mama Nalle.
    Love you,
    (Miss) Christina Lorraine Reynolds


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