Tuesday, September 9, 2014


First of all... Let's just take a moment to shout a Praise to the Lord of Hosts...
Annemarie has a family!
I don't know who they are but they made my day yesterday.
AnnaMarie (1)
In a matter of only a short time, sweet girl is going to see a car drive up at her internat and she's going to wonder as she has wondered and prayed and hoped a thousand times before.... She's going to wonder and then she's going to shake her head knowing that people want the younger, prettier, smarter ones.  She's going to shake her head and move away from the window believing as she has believed so many times before that she is not worth enough - not good enough - not pretty enough. 
Can you just imagine the wave of shock that is going to pass through her when she realizes that she has been chosen.  Chosen! 
Oh Sweet Annemarie - You have been chosen!
See these socks....
There were knit by my sweet friend Elizabeth Dehority who is fighting cancer with every breath she takes!
19,200 stitches went into these socks - each stitch a prayer to the One who hears and responds. 
A similar pair was recently auctioned on e-bay and they sold for well over $400.00. 
Elizabeth is trying with all her might to get the Anderson family fully funded.  They leave in just a few days and are still in need of around $4,401.00.  Their grant account needs to read $21,691 to be fully funded.
They are going for two sweet boys - Danny and Wayne.
Danny FSP wayne 1
So here's the deal...
You can win these amazing, priceless socks stitched by the one and only Elizabeth Dehority for just a simple $5.00 donation to the Anderson family.  Just CLICK HERE to donate to the boys and then e-mail your receipt to this e-mail address:  biglittledays@gmail.com
Let's get those two boys home and let's put a smile on Elizabeth's face.  She's battling hard right now.  I can't knit, stitch or sew but I'm personally praying $19,200 prayers just for her.
Help us get the Andersons funded. Donate 5, 50 or 500 to the Andersons!!  Please!


  1. HI Julia! Yay about Annemarie!

    I wanted to let you know, in case you didn't already know there is a semi-famous social photojournalist who originally started documenting people in NYC. So his site is called "Humans of New York." We was invited to go on a UN tour of places in distress, and first went to Iraq and Afghanistan and North Africa and now he is in Ukraine. I am sure you would enjoy seeing the Ukrainian people and hear their words. If you are on facebook you can find them there, and sign up for updates so that the most recent photos appear in your feed. But if you are not on fb, you can find them here: http://www.humansofnewyork.com/
    Much love to you this morning!

  2. Oh, praise God!!!! Thank You, Father!!!! The happiest news ever!


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