Friday, October 31, 2014

A Sweet Girl and A Bad Guy

Yesterday afternoon was sweet.
Really sweet.
This, my dear friends, is an updated picture of our sweet girl.
Insert Tears of Joy and Shouts of Hurrah!
It is one of a whole bunch of pictures.
The others will have to wait because we need to savor each one. 
Precious pictures of a precious little girl.
Hurry up Spring!
P.S. Our last home study meeting was yesterday so now we just wait for the finished document! 
Watch out!!!
There is a BAD GUY on the loose!

Okay ... maybe not so bad...

Fun times today for our littlest!!
Seeing him in this costume is nostalgic.  Elijah first wore it when he was 10 and loved everything about Jango Fett.  We rarely spent much money on our costumes but that year we splurged for our Jango Fett obsessed little boy.  Now Aaron gets to enjoy the costume.  How cool is that?
I have one family who could really use some blessings today..
The Davis family is adopting these two sweet treasures!
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On this Fatherless Friday - Won't you help them??
They are feeling a bit discouraged and could really use some help!



  1. Such an adorable picture! It is easy to understand how thrilled you are! I remember how thrilled I was to receive new pictures of Nadya, and yet I wasn't even adopting her, only advocating for her :-). Have you decided a name for Harper?
    And Aaron is so sweet, dressed up :-)

    1. No name yet and we won't announce until after we have court!

  2. Please know that I didn't mean to ask what name you had chosen, only if you had actually chosen one. I am sorry that I didn't express myself clearer.

    1. Totally no offense taken!! We discuss name stuff all the time! No worries... please!


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