Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I pray nightly over Aaron.  I pray over him and as I do I pray for Ben and Elijah and our list of Compassion International children we have supported over the years.  He knows the names.  Juan, Yacouba, Anish, Abi, Josefina, Jhuevica.
I added a name.
A girl name.
He was listening.  Who was that he asked? 
A little girl who doesn't have a Mama and Papa.
That's sad.
Do you think we could be her Mama and Papa?
Oh no. 
Why not?
Because you are MY Mama and Papa.
Oh sweet boy.  Forever and always we will be YOUR Mama and Papa.
I know nothing about braids and bows. 
But I know this little one needs a Mama.

And I know our hearts are exploding inside for her.
Lord Willing, we are working hard to bring her home.
We fully understand the issues and risks involved.
She is in a country that is currently in turmoil.
She is in a country where you can't officially put a hold on a child until you are there in person and hold their referral in your hand.
We get this.
It terrifies us.
We are moving ahead.
In Faith.

All three of our boys are on board and supportive.
Pray for us.
Pray for her.

Please.  Pray for her.


  1. OH YES! Totally IN LOVE with this post! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Go get your little girl! Heal those beautiful sad eyes!

  2. So glad to hear these news! Praying that God's will be done, wether or not it is this lttle girl that will join your family. He knows best. Whatever will be, will be.

  3. This is an answer to my prayers for her. God bless your endeavors!

  4. Wishing you all the best and a really quick paperchase process! Hope you can travel soon!

  5. I went on reece's yesterday and q-guessed it should be Harper. ;)
    Praying for the best !

  6. I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord!!!!! Hooray! You and Harper are in my prayers. THANK YOU, LORD, for your awesome plans for the Nalles which includes Harper! xoxo, Kelly

  7. SO happy for you! Hey, just search for braids on youtube!! ALL kinds to short videos!

  8. I am so happy for her - and for you of course! Wasn't she listed before, like 2 years ago, and had a family and then she became unavailable? Or maybe I mistake her for another child? Anyhow, I am very happy for you!

  9. Harper is a sweetheart. Best wishes to you as you work to bring her home. She and all of your family will be in my prayers.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from Harper's country...

  10. I got chills when I saw her...she's yours...

  11. We will be praying for your family and Harper. This is such exciting news!

  12. She caught my eye a long time ago. Such a precious girl. Congratulations!

    Sue H.

  13. Julia this is awesome news! She is BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see her as a part of your family.

  14. I'm so behind on my blog reading and this post just caught me right off guard! How exciting!!! I am moved to tears at the thought that another child will soon be blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, loving family... And that after all these years of advocating you are being blessed to add another child to your family! Your faithfulness over the past four years is surely being rewarded.

    Praying her home!


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