Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dusted Off Files

Tomorrow Tomorrow I PROMISE to do a puzzle update! 
I also have an amazing story to share but I can't share it just yet .... Sorry!
And that BIG November bit of news about BIBLIOPLAN I have been wanting to share since last March... well... it has been pushed back (NOT by us) so now you are going to have to wait until December!! ARGH!!
But I'm not without a post to write....
This one is WORTH reading!! 
After you read it please...
Because I have a dear friend who I met through this crazy blog a number of years ago. 
When she and her husband read about and were faced with the plight of our Lost Boys, they were stirred in their hearts to DO something.  At first they thought that something was adoption. But the Lord shut that door tight. Stunned they were forced to stop and pray and consider.  What could they do? 
In a crazy leap of faith they decided to hop on an airplane and GO and SEE for themselves. 
So a few years ago they crossed the ocean and visited and talked and listened and saw. 
They were able, by God's grace, to visit our Lost Boys. 
Their hearts burned within them to DO something for our Lost Boys but the door then and now is shut for outside ministry.
Oh how my heart grieves over that reality.
But while there they visited another ministry... a ministry to boys who are just like our Lost Boys. 
After seeing that ministry, they came home to sell everything... LITERALLY EVERYTHING... and  move across the ocean so that they could minister to an institute filled with boys and men who are very much like our Lost Boys.
This isn't a single crazy couple, but a Mom and Dad with FOUR children! 
Little kids!!
Radical!  Amazing!   
Last December while I was across the ocean I was privileged to spend some time with my dear, crazy, sell everything and cross the ocean friend, Kim. 
Her blog is on the top of my list for reading.
Seeing pictures of the Boys who they are loving and caring for... It just fills me every single time. 
They have been there a year now.
A year of loving on Castaway Boys.
A year of challenge and change.
They are my heroes and I am hoping and praying that when we go back next spring that Rob and I will have a chance to visit THEIR Lost Boys and love on them.  Oh that would be a precious gift indeed!
Why do I share all of this??
Because God is doing a new thing in their institute.
Kim shares about it on their blog which is why you need to CLICK HERE.
In a nutshell: In the coming weeks some of the boys at that institute will be listed on Reece's Rainbow.  The boys have been available for adoption all along, but their files were hidden and basically unseen.  But God has made a way and those files are being dusted off and information updated and pictures taken and they are going to be SEEN which increases their chances for a home and a family.
So watch and pray.
Watch and Pray because God is doing a New Thing in the lives of some very very special Treasures!
SEE the boys.  Learn about what God has been doing and is going to do!
(After you read Kim's Most Important Post you will definitely want to go back and read the entire rest of her blog!!)
The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.


  1. WOW! Talk about answering the call. You share the most inspiring families on your blog! So grateful to have been introduced to Kim's blog. The doors remain closed for us too, as you know, but we continue to wait and pray.

  2. Thank you Julia!! Our power was out for the past several days so I didn't get to tell you thank you for sharing about our Boys. It really does mean so much to us. Can't wait to see you soon!!!


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