Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The End of Tomorrow


Sometimes you lose track of time.
The busyness of our lives, the to-do lists, the running here, there and everywhere.
You KNOW time is running out to do what urgently needs to be done but stuff keeps happening and you put off and put off until you soon forget what was urgent in the first place.
Until someone posts a picture.
Until someone states the tragic urgency.
And you are gripped with horror at the reality.
I stopped paying attention because I was going to pay attention Tomorrow.
And then Tomorrow.  And then another Tomorrow.
But his Tomorrow ends in January.
And the horror of that makes me sick.
He's a Lost Boy.
  He wears the clothing of a Lost Boy. He has the haircut of one. He carries the sorrow in his eyes of one. He lives in a building where our little former lost boy lived. He sits in the same shed each day. He has NO FUTURE there. NONE. He never ever gets to run.  Play.  Climb.  Ever.  Ever. 
He is LOST.
 He ages out in January.
 My heart hurts.
I stopped paying attention because I had tomorrow and now his tomorrow is running out.  The impossible seems impossible.
Who will want Dagmar?  No one has seen him. I wasn't able to even get a glimpse when I was there in December though I looked and hoped and prayed.  But he wasn't part of the group I was allowed to see.  No other family has seen him either. 
He's lost. Hidden.
And soon he's going to be lost forever. Locked away with no hope of ever ever running free.
In a matter of weeks he faces the end of tomorrow.
 Please won't someone FIND this Lost Boy?? Before it is too late?
Lord, Please!
He has $8,332.00 available towards his adoption!


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  2. Thanks for the post. Praying!!


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