Friday, December 5, 2014

Mama's Hands

 Many many yelled for her.
We begged and prayed for a family.
Raised thousands of dollars - enough that she was just about fully funded.
Because so many gave ... including many of you ... a family was able to step forward and add her onto their adoption.
For 16 years she was locked away.  16 years trapped in a crib. 16 years where the only human interaction consisted of two or three diaper changes a day and force feeding.
16 years of utter neglect.
Neglect that caused blindness and mental decay.  Neglect that robbed her of speech. Neglect that kept her from experiencing any part of the world outside of the bars of her crib.
Many would believe that bringing her out serves no purpose.  She's blind.  She's seemingly lost.
But let me tell you something about this gem whom I had the wonderful privilege of meeting two weeks ago.
She KNOWS her Mama's touch.
She KNOWS her Mama's voice and she responds with utter joy. Giggling.  Laughter.
I tried to get her to respond to me.  I gently touched her and talked to her. She would have none of me. Each time I touched her she would recoil.  React to me with suspicion.  Fear. 

But every single time her Mama touched her, she would explode in joy.  She could tell the difference between my hands and her Mama's. My voice and her Mama's.

She knows who her Mama is.  She knows the hands that love her.  She recognizes the voice that treasures her.
She KNOWS love and responds to it. 
And the love she has given back?? Priceless. She is the highlight of their day.  The bright spot.  A burst of joy when the clouds roll in.  They love her.  They love her. 
To those who gave - Thank You!  Your gifts matter.  They are life-changing. 
I counted this morning.
There are 110 babes on the Angel Tree who have not even crossed the $100.00 wall.  25 of them aren't even to the $50.00 wall.
Alan (2003)  Artemur Carol Dixon #2-3
I'm at the bottom of the tree
If you don't think your donations matter than you weren't reading this post.

 Madalyn Shelley Xander (Asia)
I'm at the bottom of the tree

They are priceless gifts to families who feel that Holy Spirit hammering in their hearts but are struggling with the cost.
Getting all the Angel Tree Babes to $1,000 in their grant account means each family has $1,000 less to raise. 
Bryannah #8-3 Luke Anthony
I'm at the bottom of the tree
Help me help them climb the wall.
Kade #16-2 Frankie Wendy (Asia)
I'm at the bottom of the tree
Get the kids at the bottom of the tree moving up!
And while you are at it.... LISTEN... the Holy Spirit just may be whispering to your heart...
 HarlanHaisten George #19-2
I'm at the bottom of the tree
Stranger things have been known to happen!!




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  1. Julia,
    So many RR families inspire me but this couple that adopted Salome and two other boys are at the top of my list. Thank you so much for sharing these photos. It's wonderful to see her and her mama smiling.



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