Tuesday, December 2, 2014

One Little Girl

See this precious treasure?

Shari updated pic Jan2014
Goodness she is so darn cute I just want to reach out and squish her!!
There is a Mama out there who really needs to see her!
She has a donor who wants her SEEN so she has put out this challenge....  Get her Angel Tree account to the $1,000 wall and that donor will take $10,000 and move the top babes on the tree over the $1,000 wall...
Now I just did the math and figure that around 20 babes are going to jump the $1,000 wall once Shari's Angel Tree grant jumps the $1,000 wall.
That is crazy!
And fun!!
That means that a 5.00 donation to ONE LITTLE GIRL is really a donation to 20 children! 
So PLEASE PLEASE Share Shari!!!
Let people SEE her so that her MAMA will FIND her!
Shari updated pic Jan2014
And help get her over the wall so that Duane and Silvia and Codey and Rogan and Isabelle and Genevieve and Bryce and Noadiah and Mikale and Katrina and Frederick and Elsbeth and Fritz and Nels and Davian and Nina and Harley and Jasmina and Jordan and Gabi and maybe even Lolita will follow her!!! 
My dear friend Stori has a marvelous Giveaway going on that I am personally hoping to win!  Once you donate to Shari CLICK HERE and see the very cool prizes in that giveaway... There are two prizes in particular that I am hoping I get because they are FUN and are just the kinds of prizes I LOVE!

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  1. Julia, Thanks for sharing. We donated. It isn't about winning but I too hope we win the family donation because it will be going to you! Hugs, Nicole N


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