Friday, December 12, 2014

Random Friday

Four shows this weekend starting tonight. 
I get to hear Rob sing O Holy Night FOUR TIMES. 
 Heaven is for REAL!

This sweet son of mine came home yesterday. I love being swallowed up in his hugs.
Yes this is Elijah during tech week last week.

The boy with no sisters.

One of the little cast members decided he makes a great replacement for her big brother who is away. She happens to be the same age and most likely about the same size as Harper...

Harper is going to be spoiled beyond words.
I lost my voice last weekend. I needed to read one of my favorite all-time books to my Creative Writing classes, "The Velveteen Rabbit," but there was no way I was going to make it through..

So I talked my sweet boy into reading for me. 
I sat in the back and chuckled the entire time he read.  Between creating different and unique voices for every character in the book..
He also entertained the children with a running commentary about the story, the pictures, the plot etc.  He is a total hoot and I love him to pieces!
This pile of golden stamped papers flew across the ocean on Monday.  They represent a large portion of our dossier.  We still have a few more papers to add but it's a nice feeling knowing they are in the proper hands. 
Best Friends Forever.
Can you guess who set up the village this year?? He used every single house in the box and squeezed them onto the little table!
At first he arranged the snow all around the village so that you couldn't see any green.
But then he decided that the poor people in the village needed to get out so he rearranged the snow so that a truck could drive through.
All is now well in Aaron's Snow Village

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