Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Bottom 44


Tuesday morning and we are still waiting on the two last clearances BUT.... there has been some tiny movement so please please please pray.  We need two supervisors in two different states to get our paperwork finished so we can finalize our homestudy and get it sent to immigration! 

I am at the very bottom of the tree!
To keep myself distracted I am counting Angel Tree babes who are still under the $100.00 mark on the tree.  On Friday there were 110 babes.  On Saturday there were about 75 and today....  44 are left!! And the cool part... all the babes have at least $50.00 now.  Rob and I donated yesterday to help move one up from off the bottom which was fun!
Henry (LA)
I am at the bottom of the tree
Today I've got BiblioPlan work I need to get done, but I plan on watching my e-mail for Social Worker news and watching the Angel Tree to see if those 44 move up. 
   Louie  Blake

Please distract me today.
  Regina Rogers


Help me get the bottom 44 over the 100 wall....
It will definitely make all this waiting a bit easier to handle!


  1. Pushed one over for you Julia. Thank-you!

  2. there is one little girl that might not be able to be adopted for lack of finance... can you help ?

  3. I was delighted to see my donation for Tori help her over the hundred mark, and then someone else added to that! I wish I could go bring her home, but I can't. Hoping that her family will find her very soon. :) samm


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