Thursday, January 15, 2015

Going Back

I first saw his picture 3 years ago when the ministry team sent me pictures after they had visited.
Grady. Wearing a green Puma shirt. 
I knew he was one of the Lost Boys because the Hartmans had met him when they were adopting Judd (Brady on RR). 
He had just been transferred in right before they arrived. The director wanted them to see him.  Adopt him. He talked to them.  Recited poetry.  Stole their hearts.
But the little Lost Boy the Hartmans went over to get demanded their every waking minute for days, weeks, months, years.  He was hurt and needy and in desperate need of healing.  They poured into him. They added another babe to their family.  And they prayed for Grady.  Prayed and grieved for the boy they left behind.
For three years they grieved.  And yelled.  And prayed.
Last December when I was there I begged God to let me see the four Lost Boys listed on Reece's Rainbow.  I was granted the privilege of seeing only one of those boys.
Wearing the same shirt. 

Sweet sweet boy who was ever so frail.  He looked battered to me.  Battered and weary. 

It was evident to me that they cared about him.  Several times they picked him out.  Helped him participate in the activities they were doing. I tried to get a good picture of him but I was limited in what I could do.  None of these picture do him justice. 
I came home and shared my pictures with the Hartmans.  I shared with them every single tidbit I could give them about him.  My words soaked into them.  Soothed them.  Saddened them.
We yelled and prayed.  Prayed and yelled. 
And God began to work on hearts.
Their hearts.
First Melanie.  Then Ben.
He's YOUR son.  Go back and get him.
Go back!
They listened.  They are going.
I have no words.
Two Lost Boys now have families.
Grady and Pearson.
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Both families already have a Lost Boy in their home.
Both families are going back.
I truly have no words.
Stay tuned.... an on-line auction to support the Hartmans, Drakes and our family is coming soon!! 

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