Saturday, January 3, 2015

Panic Button

I don't know what happened but on Thursday afternoon while Rob and I were driving Aaron to Shriner's in Philly, someone out there hit my panic button.
It wasn't nice of them.
Since we finished writing our Year 3 we have been enjoying a little bit of a break these last few months.  Not that we have stopped working.  It will be a long time until we can truly stop writing for BiblioPlan, but we have not had a deadline hanging over our heads so our writing has been less intense and much more pleasant.
But riding in the car and articulating to each other all the things that need to be done in the coming months set off my panic button.
I haven't gained my calm yet.
We are adopting Harper at a rather difficult time of the year in terms of our business.  It will be Convention season and it is usually the time of the year when our phone rings off the hook. Back in the fall, we signed up to attend almost double the amount of conventions this year BEFORE we knew we would be adopting.  BiblioPlan is going to California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia.... OH MY GOODNESS... Seriously???.... Ooops... forgot Missouri, New Mexico and Tennessee...

I'm not scheduled to go to all of them (Thank the Lord!) but I am going to a good many and some of them are right about the same time we may be heading across the ocean.  Yeah.  That's a little stressful.  We are definitely praying and considering how we are going to work out all those details!  Plus, I teach six classes a week so we have to find coverage for my classes.  Arranging for the conventions AND my classes is making my head spin.

Rob's to-do includes a ton of writing projects for BiblioPlan and rearranging the house so that our little girl has her own bedroom.  Aaron was perfectly willing to let Harper sleep in his spare bed but the Social Worker didn't like that idea.  So we are having to do some work in the basement for the older boys and then he will need to paint and arrange Harper's bedroom. 

We sat in the car on our way to Philly and talked through the lists...

It was sobering.

Despite the panic... our trip had some definite highlights...





Remember the Boroughs family?? Two years ago we helped them bring Maddie home.... and then last year after they insanely jumped the cliff for Yul, my dear friend, Elizabeth Dehority, committed to getting them funded??

Well let me just tell you that all that yelling and all that fundraising was totally, most definitely worth it!!
I LOVE these two!!

They are precious precious precious!
They were absolutely the highlight of our trip.  Hugging and talking to Amy was sweet too.  I cherish each of the times we have been able to get together.
Our trip to Shriners involved Aaron getting fitted for new braces...

Did I mention that that we have traveled to Shriners 31 times since Aaron has been home.

Yeah.  Those long drives make all of us a wee bit crazy!

We go back in six weeks to get the braces.  Sigh!

 One more item on our to-do list!

My panic button has been hit!


  1. Wow, he is looking so much like his older brothers that it is spooky.

  2. Julia, I have to be careful when I read your posts. They always move me to goosebumps and tears, sometimes ugly, streaming tears! I don't get here often enough, but please know how incredibly grateful I am for your heart and all you do for these sweet children. Hug that Aaron for me and give him love from us!
    Stitching away and hope to have this project finished for you in a couple of weeks <3

  3. I cańt help with the panic button... except putting it all in God´s hands... not easy...
    But I wanted to comment about Aaron... I cańt believe how much he is getting to llok like his brothers !!!

  4. Hard advice to follow (I'm a panicker myself) - but how wonderful it would be to simply sit back, enjoy the ride, and watch how God takes care of every single detail. He loves you and He's got this!! -Karen

  5. Soooo, I live an hour outside of Philly. Anything I can do to help?


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