Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Ship - By Aaron

The Ship

By Aaron.
His first watercolor.
We weren't sure we wanted him to watercolor it.
His sketch was so nice we worried that it would get messed up if he put watercolors on it.
I  A.G.O.N.I.Z.E.D!!!!
I'm a wimp that way.
But he wanted to try it so..... we mixed some colors and practiced on a separate board and he took off..
And after I stopped being paranoid, I had a blast sitting next to my little son watching him work... helping him figure out colors, whispering encouragement, enjoying the moment. 

I mean this was his FIRST watercolor!


He blew me away.
No. I do not want to sell it.
Yes.  It is going up for auction.
Sunday.  February 1st.
Along with a whole host of other items.
The Orphans Treasures Auction and Giveaway benefitting three families adopting three treasures is going to be a BLAST!! 
Tons of cool items for everyone in the family...
Including Aaron's 2nd watercolor masterpiece...The sweetest fire engine you have ever seen!!
NO sneak peak's on that one... you will just have to wait!
Stay tuned people.....
Stay tuned!!


  1. Aaron's artistic abilities are incredible. I'm blown away!

  2. I myself am an artist, and I am SO IMPRESSED!! Excellent work, Aaron! And I'm really happy you let him go for it!

  3. I love it - it's awesome!

  4. That is awesome! Great job, aaron!

  5. Trying very hard to win an Aaron's original!
    What an inspiration! Your boy is simpy amazing.
    Did he sign his art??

    1. He didn't... I will have him sign on the back if I can remember!

    2. Please do! I have a feeling yor little artist will be famous on day! ;)


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