Friday, February 6, 2015

Made With Love

A little over a month ago a friend of mine in the area e-mailed me and shared that she wanted to make a quilt that we could sell to raise money for Harper.  She was  going to call it THE HARPER.  I told her about our auction and she was more than willing to let me auction the quilt off.
A few weeks later she sent me pictures of THE HARPER.
I about fell over.
The colors she picked are the National Colors for Harper country.

It's a lap blanket. 

I'm Jealous of whomever wins it!!
Just saying!
And here's another BEAUTIFUL work of art.  It was finished JUST LAST WEEK - made specifically for this auction by Frankie Miller who was sick all week but determined to get this done.
A Handmade Baby Afghan!
This would make an amazing baby gift to give to someone!!! 
I could no more crochet a straight line much less create this masterpiece!!
I am in awe of Frankie's talent! I am in awe of her determination!
I'm not done yet with blankets made with love for this auction...
Kat Drinkwater made this BEAUTIFUL Matryoshka Quilt for us to use to raise money for Harper.
She made us two.  A quilt for Harper's bed to match the quilt she made over 4 years ago for Aaron's bed.  Aaron sleeps with his quilt every night.  We tuck it under his chin. 
Gifts made with love mean so much!

This one is BEAUTIFUL.  It has patterns on both sides!!
It would make a great gift for a Russian or Ukrainian treasure!!
(So would The Harper)!!!
Finally - My heart is heavy this morning....
There are two Reece's Rainbow families who are hurting.
This week Timmy (Jacob on RR) went to be with Jesus.  He died unexpectedly.  His family is in shock and grief. 

Please pray for the Kroll family.  I am so hurting for them!!
Xavier Jones (Vincent on RR), adopted in 2013, is in a fight for his life.
He took sick about a month ago with a cold which turned into some kind of flesh eating virus.  Right now he is in surgery.  The outcome looks bleak.  Please please pray for Xavier.  His family is not ready to let him go.
Please please pray for him!!


  1. Julia, it warms my heart to hear that Aaron is still loving his quilt! I can't wait for Harper to be home and safe as well.

  2. Praying for these sweet families!

  3. The handi work is stunning! Much prettier than store bought! And so much meaning behind them.
    Praying for the 2 families. My heart aches for them. We have 3 in Heaven.


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