Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unopened. Unused.

I am so blown away by the many acts of kindness being shown to us!! 
I am just so blown away.
How many of you gave items to our auction?   
How many of you in your bids are adding a dollar or two or ten or more to the starting bid????  Goodness I totally didn't expect that.  I'm used to e-bay auctions where people are trying to get something for nothing! 
How many of you are leaving kind words of encouragement and support in your e-mails??
You just don't know how much those words mean to us!
How many of you have given and are giving without getting anything in return?
I am just so blown away by your kindness!!
See these two items up for auction....
What makes them cool???

They were donated by a 12 year old boy, Isaiah. They were birthday presents.  Unopened. Unused.
He donated them to us.
He knows all about adoptions because his family has adopted and adopted again.  I LOVE his family.  Their blog is one I follow.  They were part of our first Mulligan Stew and watching their boys grow and thrive is such a highlight!!
Isaiah is watching our auction.  He wants his gifts to be a help!! I know bids for his items would put a smile on his face!!
If you haven't checked it out... please go over and check out our auction...
If you can't find anything you want then just make a donation to one of the family grant accounts.  Five dollars gets you a chance to win a cool giveaway prize. Right now we only have a few entries so your chances of winning are absolutely enormous!!! 

Leave a comment here if you donated so I can enter you in to win a giveaway item!!


  1. God bless you, Isaiah! What a tender, generous heart you have!

  2. Aaaw! You guys have made Isaiah's day!! :o) Bless your hearts!
    p.s. He just turned 11 in January- don't let him grow too fast! LOL!!
    (((((BIG HUGS)))))))


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!