Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Thoughts

If you try to ask me a question right now it may take me a few minutes to register that you are even standing there.
I'm in happy thought land.

A little girl across the ocean is calling our names.

And that is a really cool happy thought!!
My other happy thoughts include seeing these four books on a table together.  This is the first convention where we have been able to have all four books in hardback together.  Just this past week the Early Modern and Modern books became available.
How cool is that?
I may be lousy at stringing together two coherent words at this point but I am awash in happy thoughts!!


  1. Does Harper know you are coming or will it be the srprise of her life ?
    the last moments will be the harder ones ! Good memories... but later ! ;)

  2. Oh gosh ! I have butterflies in me just thinking of this incredible event coming up ! So happy for her!
    I wonder if Aaron will be able to speack to her and reassure her of what will be her new life ! or has he forgotten his first language'...


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!