Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm One of the 164

We are STILL WAITING on new travel dates.
I was so hoping I would wake up this morning to a phone call and some really good news.

I'm trying so hard to attain the 'patiently waiting on the Lord's timing in all of this' certificate. 
Okay - so to distract us in our time of waiting PATIENTLY... 
Did you know that REECE'S RAINBOW is having a 21 Days of Hope fundraiser??

From March 1st until March 21st, if 21,000 is raised for the Voice of Hope Fund then 21 waiting children will each receive 2,100 dollars in their grant accounts.
Right now 5,147.00 has been raised which means that 5 of the 21 children have already received the 2,100.00 dollars.
Isn't that cool?
The Voice of Hope fund is the fund that keeps Reece's Rainbow running.
You know.... operating costs.
Let me share something you might not know...
There are currently 164 families who have a grant account open on Reece's Rainbow right now.  I know this because I just sat here and counted them.
164 families who are ALL adopting. 
I'M ONE OF THE 164!!!
When families open up a  grant account on Reece's Rainbow they have to pay a 25.00 fee to open an account. That is the ONLY required payment they have to make.  They are ASKED to make a $250.00 donation to the Voice of Hope but it is not required. 
When people donate to a family's grant account... except for Paypal fees... 100% of that donation goes to the family.  Reece's Rainbow does not take ANY portion of their donations for their operating expenses.
So the 164 families who are raising money through Reece's Rainbow are able to keep all their donations except the 3% that Paypal takes when people donate through Paypal. What an amazing gift.  I don't have to sit here and calculate needing to raise X dollars MORE than what we need in order to pay RR fees.  When someone writes us a check, 100% goes to our grant account!
So how does Reece's Rainbow cover operating expenses?  Through their Voice of Hope fund.  Money goes into the VOH two ways, when people donate to the waiting children, 10% of that money goes to the Voice of Hope or when people donate directly to the VOH fund.
The ONLY fundraiser that RR does each year to raise money purely for operating expenses is this one.  The 21 Days of Hope.  But the cool thing is that this fundraiser is still tied to raising funds for the children!!  21 children. 
It's day 10.
The goal is 21,000.00
21 Babes have a chance to received 2,100 each in their grant accounts. 

 As each $1000 is raised, the next child on the list will meet their goal and will be given their $2100 grant!

Five children have met the goal. 16 are left.
Will you make a donation to the Voice of Hope fund? It's not as cool as donating to a family or donating to a waiting child but its a very worthy donation.  And your donation is going to help BLESS 21 babes. 
Join in!
 P.S. Since 2006 1,276 children have come home.
So not only am I one of the 164 families currently in process on Reece's Rainbow, my little boy is one of the 1,276 children who have come home!
How cool is that??

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