Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's Almost Gone!!



I hope Harper likes her nutty brothers!



Both Ben and Elijah are taking college classes and so they didn't have the option of tagging along with us to meet Harper. Ben's at Liberty University and Elijah will be home holding down the fort here at home.  We've given him a crash course over the last 6 weeks on how to fill orders for BiblioPlan.  Our business is all in the family!! I'm seriously going to miss my daily dose of Elijah-style humor.  Thankfully he won't be home alone which is a huge relief.   
I'm heading out tomorrow for Nashville in the early morning hours. The Lord was so gracious in providing two wonderful ladies who will be helping me run the booth in Nashville and who will also be running my booth in Ohio in April.  They are a HUGE answer to prayer. 
Check this out!!!
It is almost gone!

We are so close to being fully funded.  God has been so so good to us!
Thank you to every single person who has given so willingly and lovingly.  What a beautiful testimony to Harper! 
God is SO Good!
P.S. - The 21 Days of Hope for Reece's Rainbow ends on Saturday.  They are half-way to their goal of raising 21,000 in 21 days. 
For every 1,000 raised, 2,100 is donated to one of these sweet treasures!  That is a Win Win all the way around! 
If it were not for Reece's Rainbow we would not be tucking our littlest in bed each night and we would not be crossing the ocean to add another little one to our family. 


  1. Nashville, TN? Say hi to Mrs. "Francesca Battistelli" Goodwin (A-K-A: "Franny") for me if she happens to be at you booth, or the convention. Check out her new blog:

  2. I know you don't know me but I've been a follower for years. Think almost 3 now. Love seeing your sweet Aaron smile. So excited for you and your girl. I donated on RR and would be thrilled if my name could be added to a puzzle piece. If not that's ok. I tried to ask on Facebook what's the best way to donate but no one answered me so I just did the RR pay pal route. Will be eagerly awaiting updates (as you are able to) the next few days and weeks. May God bless you all enormously in this time!

    1. Katie I will most definitely put your name on the puzzle!!!!!


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