Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Better Testimony

More about our Tuesday appointment with the Department of Adoption, or DAP:

In the oldest part of this city, down near the river, stands a hill that has housed holy places since time immemorial. At the top of this hill now stands one of this city's oldest, most honored church buildings, St. Andrew's. At the bottom of this hill stands the nondescript office building that houses DAP.

If you happen to be of above average height, then Rob advises you to mind your head as you tread the first floor of DAP-- for if you do not, then you may strike yourself senseless on its low ceilings, not once but twice.

Better fortune awaited on the second floor. On the hallway wall, just outside the office where we received Harper's referral, hang three framed posters that hold special meaning for us.

I knew these posters were there, as I've seen pictures of them. To see them with my own eyes, though, was truly memorable.

You have to look closely to see why these posters mean so much to us.

There he is.

Aaron before, and Aaron after.

All three posters honor Reece's Rainbow, the unsung ministry that has done so much to bring home so many orphans.

Standing beside Aaron in this picture are two people who also did much to bring Aaron home: Serge Zevlever and Luda Kaplina.

My favorite part was when Serge gathered the whole DAP staff in that little hallway and introduced Aaron to them. Aaron's presence provided the perfect opportunity for Serge to show the staff that all their work is not for nothing. This was a little boy who had been cast away, condemned to a miserable life in a level 4 mental institution. Now, partly through their efforts, stood a walking, talking, loving and obviously very loved little boy with a bright future. What better testimony?

Before we left, I handed each staff member a picture of Aaron to keep. When we parted company with Serge, this bear of a man tenderly kissed our son on the head.


  1. Aaron always makes me cry happy tears. What a special boy!! <3

  2. Such a wonderful moment, such an answer to unspoken questions!

  3. Thanking the Lord for the encouragement you, Rob & Aaron received from the DAP. And how precious for the DAP staff to see the difference their work has on the lives of the adopted children. Amazing to see the RR posters displayed!

  4. God's plan is always perfect in so many ways!

  5. Thank you for sharing this, Julia. Your blog post is the first one I look for every morning!

    When do you get to meet Harper?

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


  6. I love this! It's wonderful to see the appreciation they have for Reeces Rainbow displayed in such a beautiful way. Julia, you've been such a great advocate for RR and so many orphans that it must be truly special to come full circle and see this appreciation displayed and also to have Aaron in front of the poster with his very picture on it.



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