Friday, March 13, 2015

Worth The Trip

I'm in South Carolina. 
This is what we do.  We write and sell a Christian Classical history and literature curriculum.

We travel to conventions to show our work and sell it.

I enjoy talking to people and showing them the work of our hands.

It's HARD.  It's rewarding.
Sometimes it is REALLY rewarding.
Last night a mom walked up with her littlest cuddled in a pack against her chest.  I am a lover of all babies.  And when I saw her little treasure my heart just melted right there.  We were busy when she showed up but all of that went out the window when I saw that little treasure rocking an extra chromosome. Oh my goodness I wanted to hold her.  Her mom was focused on telling me that she has used BiblioPlan for YEARS and LOVES it and tells ALL her friends about it.  She even started telling the woman at our table checking out our material why she should buy BiblioPlan.
But me.  I was focused on her treasure.  And when she let me hold her.... THAT WAS HEAVEN ON EARTH. 
I got to hold that baby girl and kiss her little head.  She just looked at me and smiled!  What a gift.
And you want to know the very best part??
As I was holding that little one and sharing my heart with her Mama - not about BiblioPlan but about the treasures across the ocean who are desperate for families - about Aaron's institute and sheds - about the hundreds of babes waiting.  While I was holding that sweet one and kissing her precious head ... her Mama was listening with wonder because JUST THIS WEEK ... JUST THIS WEEK the Holy Spirit had begun tapping on their hearts.
And they had NEVER HEARD about Reece's Rainbow and had NO IDEA about the waiting ones across the ocean. 
Only God.
I told her that if I didn't make ONE sale this entire weekend.  If the ONLY reason I came to SC was to share with her about the treasures across the ocean... then it was well worth my trip.
It will have been worth the trip.
I will be praying for that family. Praying as the Lord opens their eyes and their hearts.
Pray with me.
And please keep us in your prayers as we get all of our ducks in a row in the next week.  We have so much to arrange. 
It's going to be a wild week!!



Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!