Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Real Papa Hug

We are home.  Exhausted. Jet-lagged and missing the sweetest little boy across the ocean.
You know what's precious about this picture?? It's the first time he hugged Rob and it wasn't a quick little hug, but a "wrap his arms around Papa and hold on for dear life" type of hug.
We are not home for long. We have court on April 21st. My birthday.  We fly back out next weekend.
Hopefully all the requested paperwork will be finished by then and we can have an easy court and a grand birthday celebration!!
Passing court does not mean he gets to come home right away. That would be way too easy!  After court there is a mandatory 10-14 day waiting period and THEN we can start the process of actually bringing him home. 
At this point we are still up in the air about all the details surrounding his homecoming (who stays, who goes, who comes back etc.)
For today we are going to rest and enjoy being home. We will worry about details when we are a little less foggy in the brain!


  1. Love this picture!! Picture really do speak 1,000 words!

  2. Sweet photo. Praying you get rest and God goes before you and paves the path for a quick return!

  3. We will be praying ! So wonderful. Is Aaron excited?

  4. Wonderful!!!

    How is Aaron taking in the changes? I'm sure he's excited to have a little brother!

  5. One of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. I am so excited for your family and your upcoming birthday court day. Praying for things to go smoothly from here on out.

  6. Ian will be missing you! I'm glad he won't be alone for long. I'll be praying for an easy court process and a quick trip home. I always think that Ian looks so much like his mama. :) It's only fair, as Aaron looks so much like his dad and big brothers. :) Handsome guys, all of them. samm

  7. Oh my goodness I can feel the emotions Rob has holding his precious boy! Your precious boy! I am crying AGAIN!!! LOL!! Darn it Julia!! *wink*
    April 21rst is my first born's (daughter) birthday! :o) Mine was the 6th :o)

  8. Your hearts look full! Thanking God and trusting Him with the details.

  9. Aww, those pictures melt my heart! He really looks like he belongs in your family. Hope you will have a great and memorable birthday! :)


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