Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sweet 17

This son of ours is the one who just plain cracks us up on a daily basis.
His sense of humor has us scratching our head and in stitches much of the time.
Knowing that he needed costume parts for his part as a pirate in Peter Pan I asked him if he had any ideas.
What a hoot. He not only had a costume ready to go for Peter Pan...
He also figured he would use the same costume for his upcoming OA event where the theme is the Revolutionary War.  Check out his horse!!

So that's why I couldn't find the broom!!

We missed his birthday.  We were across the ocean and all we could do was give him a lame Facetime Happy Birthday call.
His grandparents and cousin stepped in and celebrated it with him, but I WASN'T THERE and I don't make it a habit of missing birthdays.
So on Thursday afternoon Elijah I went on a date.  We went out to eat and then enjoyed walking around the mall while I bought him some clothes for his birthday.  He found the whole clothes buying part rather dreadful because he has simple tastes much like his dad and is content with a simple wardrobe.  I'm not a big spender but I did have fun taking him shopping for things he truly needed even though he didn't think so! 
We also had fun buying our new little son/brother some much needed clothes.  He needed EVERYTHING.  Shirts, pants, socks, underwear, shoes, jacket, pj's.  EVERYTHING.  I scoured the sale racks and was able to find some great deals. I also have a friend who works in a children's clothing shop who met us at the shop and blessed us with a bag of clothes.  God is Good!
We ended the day with a Sam's Club run and a reminder that going on a date with mom can be a real adventure.  Especially when she locks the keys in the car!!  Yep. I did.  Thankfully, the trunk was open so all poor Elijah had to do was remove all the nicely packed groceries he had just put inside the trunk back in the basket so he could climb through the trunk and get the car doors opened.  It wouldn't have been that difficult to climb through the car except we were laughing so hard he had trouble getting through the opening. 
He told me in the car he ought to write a book about our escapades.  He figures it would be a best seller.
I doubt it but I would enjoy reading it!


  1. What a great day! Your boy is simply hilarious!
    Can't wait to see him making the little ones laugh. :)

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Elijah! Oh my that "horse" cracks me up!!
    That's what I love about boys! They are so handy- LOL!! crawling through the trunk! LOL!!! priceless! Elijah I will buy your book!

  3. Precious relationships you have with your sons. I have six daughters and look forward to the day for sons-in-law and grandsons, if the Lord wills.
    We live in Lynchburg so if you ever need someone close by to help out in anyway we are minutes from LU.


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