Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Fabulous Five

There are 140 million plus orphans in this world.
A number that is staggering and causes us to raise up our hands in despair. 
We can't save them all.  I don't know how many times I've had someone tell me that.  We can't save them all.  We can't fix the orphan crisis.  There are not enough willing families to take them in.  The issues are too vast.  The cost too steep. 
I agree on all the points above. I can't save them all.
But there are five orphans out of those 140 million who I can do something about.
I can't save them all but I can do something for five.
Five children I have met.  Five who have stolen my heart.  Five who have robbed me of sleep.  Five who matter deeply.
Five amazing children. 
Two are little.  They both rock an extra chromosome.  They are listed on Reece's Rainbow as Wetherby and Rebecca.


One is a very special girl.  Sweet beyond words.  She is listed on Reece's Rainbow as Reilly.


One is our new son's best friend.  Even writing about him breaks me down.  He is Toby on Reece's Rainbow. 

The last was a surprise.  Unlisted until we walked into his life two weeks ago.  A found treasure who is going to bless a family beyond measure.

I named him Charlie

Five children.

I can't fix the 140 million orphan problem, But I can do something for these five.

 So stay tuned. 

I have some really loud shouting to do!!

P.S. All the pictures above are mine except for Rebecca's. 


  1. rebecca climbed right in my arms wanting help with her dress. and gave me a kiss and hug and didn't want to get down . precious sweet girl. reilly is shy and sweet. beautiful and well mannered. please someone take themhome! we have held themamd hugged them. we know their names. they are real. they can not wait.

  2. ps i fell inlove with rebecca but we are done adopting.

  3. They are so sweet, Toby seems so mature for his age! It's probably been a pleasure to meet those kids. :)
    ps: About shouting loud, 'Sadie and Josie' profile on RR deserves lots of it too if you'll have some left. Really heart-breaking. :(
    - a reader from Slovenia

  4. John's B-F just stole my heart!

  5. Oh! The sweet little girl with the wreath on her head! How I wish! It says "available to older parents", but I guess we're getting too old even for that. :(

  6. You met Rebecca? That's awesome! I have heard that she was transferred... do you have any information on this? I would love any information you could give me on her :). I can not adopt, as I am only 18, but I would love to help advocate for her.
    Thank you!


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