Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Home... Until Tomorrow

Since February I've flown to Texas and driven to South Carolina and Tennessee.  I've crossed the ocean three separate times on 13 different airplanes. I've spent 4 nights on a train and took 4 other train trips besides. I've ridden subways, buses and been driven around a foreign city and country by countless drivers.  In the in-between at home times I taught my classes, spent countless hours dealing with our business, made dinner for whomever happened to be in the house and was a mom and wife to my family.
So when I say I am grateful to be home I mean it.

Home with all four of my sons under the same roof.  Home with my husband and our sweet dog and our little house in the woods.
Until tomorrow.  When I am off again to North Carolina to another convention.  Ugh!
Oh well... Winston Salem is only 4 hours away. 
When we  traveled on our first trip we carried with us a suitcase full of 30 beautifully handmade scarves that we gave to the director at John's institute for the children there. The scarves were made by a sweet lady who has supported so many of our endeavors on this blog. When she gave me the scarves I had NO IDEA that she was also adopting a boy from the same country as our son.  In fact our adoptions were tracking a week apart - they were submitted a week after us.  I was shocked and very very humbled by their desire to send scarves to orphans (paying for material and postage) when they were in process and trying to raise funds for their own adoption. I was also shocked that she was donating and helping with OUR adoption and yet not saying a word about her own.
And you want to know the really amazing part of this story?  I wasn't the only person who received scarves to give out to orphans this past year. 15 other families were contacted and 15 other families carried over 700 scarves for orphans.  All handmade.  All donated for orphans.  All made by one person.
One person who was in process to adopt and trying to raise funds for their own adoption.  Now that is just downright precious!
 I was hoping and praying that we would run into each other across the ocean, but even though they were submitted a week behind us, our paths never crossed.
Here's the thing.  They have court next week and are $4,500 short. They are adopting an OLDER boy who is close to aging out.  They hosted him last year and fell in love. He has said YES and all they are waiting on is court! Would you consider supporting this family who has supported us and who has a real heart for orphans??  Their need is urgent.  Please!
The link to support them is HERE.  Every single donation counts.  Large or small.  Please??
Also - If you missed my blog post last week about the up and coming BUNDLE SALE then go read about it OR CLICK HERE and sign up to get on the e-mail list!  This is a YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS BUNDLE SALE.... SALE!!  Signing up is EASY and it starts soon and if you don't sign up you are going to miss the announcements AND the bonus stuff they are going to do during the week of the sale. 
You seriously don't want to miss this sale!
And now I am off to enjoy another day at home... until tomorrow.
P.S.  If you are in Winston Salem at the NCHE Convention this weekend, PLEASE stop by my booth.  It always makes my day! And there may be a chance that a little guy .... or two.... from across the ocean will be with me.  Maybe. 


  1. Julia--are those magnatiles in the picture with your two boys? We LOVE those. They get played with every single day. So great to see your latest addition at ACTS on Monday. I couldn't stop smiling ear to ear--it was like seeing a movie star!

    1. Yes. They are the BEST today in the world. Aaron LOVES them and John was pretty into them too!

  2. I won't be at the convention but I can tell you to eat at Sweet Potatoes and Mellow Mushroom in downtown!


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