Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day and Victory Day

I don't usually do holidays on this blog, but living in a free country means more to us after spending the last 3 months in and out of a country struggling with what freedom should look like.  Much of what we witnessed over there was not what we would define as freedom.  What we have here is precious and rare and should never ever be taken for granted.

To all those who have served, including my dad and my sweet husband, and to all those who are now serving...
Thank you!
Thank you!
We happened to be in John and Aaron's country during their Victory Day Celebration. With two little boys who were bouncing off the walls in the apartment, we decided that the terrorist threats for the capital that day were not strong enough to keep us inside.  So we ventured out.
There was a police presence everywhere. 
At one point we went down in an underground tunnel in order to cross the street and walked past an entire regiment of men in uniform all standing in formation from one end of the tunnel to the other.  They stared at us and we stared just as hard back at them. It was probably the strangest experience I'd ever encountered in that country.  An entire regiment of about 50+ men just standing there in an underground tunnel staring at us as we walked by with two little boys and a wheelchair.  The temptation to take their picture was SO STRONG, but I refrained. I don't think Rob would have been too happy with me! I satisfied myself by taking pictures out on the streets with my zoom lens. 


Their Victory Day is an end of World War II celebration.
This World War II vet was proud to have his picture taken with the boys.

Even though it was Victory Day, most of what we saw centered around the Revolution from the year before and those who lost their lives.

What would a celebration be without John taking the opportunity to show off his hand walking skills.

Frustratingly enough for him, only one person acknowledged all his hard efforts!

We were glad we braved the streets. It was good to get out and see a bit of their country.

And it kept two little boys out of trouble which was definitely a bonus!!

That was most definitely a Victory for us!

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  1. LOVE the picture of the boys with the elderly Soldier! And John just gets cuter every minute (as do all of your boys! :o) So sad to see the memorial to recent deaths/conflict. Breaks my heart.


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