Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Fifths

Last week we introduced you to the Fabulous Five, five adorable children who are available for adoption from John's orphanage: Wetherby, Rebecca, Charlie, Toby and Reilly. We desperately want all five to find families!

At the end of this week, John will be leaving that orphanage forever-- saying goodbye to his home, his friends, his entire world. At the same time, we will be saying goodbye to five children who have stolen our hearts.

At the end of this summer, we are told, our Fabulous Five will also say goodbye to that orphanage. If we understood correctly, this facility will no longer be an orphanage, but instead will become a rehab facility for special needs children with families. All of the true orphans, including our Fabulous Five, will be transferred out.

Which is a shame, because this is a great facility compared to most. Far, far superior to the one where Aaron lived after transfer! Not that this facility is perfect: not every caretaker is kind, and no institution can ever replace a loving family. Given the circumstances, though, it's a good temporary home for the Fabulous Five.

Now they're about to lose that home, headed out to uncertain futures who knows where. So please, let's find families for them before that happens!

Three fifths of the Fabulous Five have Down Syndrome: RebeccaWetherby and Charlie.

I couldn't take a new picture of Rebecca because she had fallen that day, and her face was scratched up. I did learn that she is feisty.  She definitely has a mind of her own, and is so in need of a Mama who will love her in all of her ornery feistiness!! 

Wetherby is tiny, and so darn cute!! 


I happened to see Wetherby one day when he had just come in from outdoors. Although the temperature was in the high 60s that day, he was as bundled up as if he had just returned from a research mission to Antarctica. In his sweat-drenched winter coat, snow pants, ski hat and scarf, he looked like misery personified. Poor child wanted OUT of all that stuff, but couldn't take it off by himself. So he crumpled to the floor with his hat over his eyes and just cried and cried, until someone finally took pity on him. Oh please, someone rescue Wetherby from his distress!!

Charlie was a surprise. A found treasure.

Before we arrived, we thought there were only four children available besides John, two with Down Syndrome and two others.

Charlie happened to be sitting at the table eating a snack when we walked into John's groupa for the first time.  I immediately walked over to meet him.  He sat quietly, watching me as I reached out and touched him gently on the head. A second later, he broke into a smile, stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist.

What an adorable kid. Stole my heart. I wanted to tuck him in my suitcase right then and there.

He wasn't listed, and our facilitator didn't know if he was available. Find out, I asked, won't you please find out? I promised her that if he was available, then I would do all I could to find him a family. I had no doubt that Charlie would make the perfect blessing for some family out there.

This child has an absolutely beautiful smile, with a pleasant sweetness to match. He is also very high functioning-- takes care of his own needs, follows directions well and plays so well with the other boys. One day when I walked in, the boys were pretend driving a car they'd created out of play cushions. Charlie was right there in the middle of them, having a blast!

Three sweet children in desperate need of loving families.

Please won't you pray?


Help me advocate for them?

Donate to their grant accounts?




Aaron and I are on our way back across the ocean today.  We will be in John's region on Wednesday night and I will get to hug and hold my newest son on Thursday.  We would so appreciate your prayers this week!  I cannot wait to see him.  My heart is already across there.



  1. hug rebecca and reilly for me. and in the last pic the boy behind John is the sweetest love. he would seek me out and jump in my arms! oh i loved him! happy travels. hope it all goes smoothly.

  2. Is the boy in blue behind John available as well? or one of the ones with families? Somehow having a family but being in an orphanage seems even sadder than being without one- if that makes sense :(


    1. The boy in blue has a family. He goes home with them on weekends.


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