Friday, May 15, 2015

We Interrupt this Broadcast...

We are on our way home today, so I figure you won't mind if I take a moment to let all of my homeschool families and teachers know about a really cool sale that's coming up soon.
Build Your Bundle 2015 Pre-Sale Graphic
It's a bundle sale!
The people at Build Your Bundle have assembled a massive amount of curriculum, combining products in groups according to theme.  Some of these bundles are worth HUNDREDS of dollars apiece. For one week only, though, these bundles will be available at huge discounts.
Build Your Bundle 2015 Pre-Sale Graphic
A click on THIS LINK puts you on the e-mail list to receive notice when the sale starts. It also puts you in the running for a cool giveaway, including chances to win free bundles.  Click to find out all about it.  It's easy.  You just provide your e-mail, and you are automatically entered and will be notified as soon as the giveaway begins.
HINT HINT: Some of BiblioPlan's material are part of the Bundle sale!!
I'm not allowed to share what is IN the bundles right now, but I can tell you there are 80+ publishers participating.

  • Preschool-Kindergarten
  • 1st-3rd grade (2 bundles!)
  • 4th-6th grade (2 bundles!)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Notebooking
  • Copywork
  • Unit Studies
  • Just for Boys
  • Just for Girls
  • Character Bundle
  • Just for Moms (2 bundles!)
  • Fine Arts
  • Special Needs Bundle
  • Non-Faith Based/Secular Bundle

That is truly something for everyone!

CLICK THIS LINK so you'll know when the sale starts!

Build Your Bundle 2015 Pre-Sale Graphic
I know I don't usually advertise on this blog, but I've seen the contents of these bundles and I am fairly certain that many of my friends who are homeschooling on a budget will appreciate knowing about this sale. 
And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging!!
Still grinning from ear to ear!!

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