Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Don't Open the Red-Handled Door

We had an amazing convention last weekend in Richmond.  Our little booth was swamped!
These two did an outstanding job. 

This was their third large convention this year plus they set up our material at our local co-op in May and shared about BiblioPlan there.  I'm so proud of both of them.  Ben has grown up with BiblioPlan ringing in his ears and I was blessed to teach Jaden at our co-op and then have her 'graduate' and help me in my classes during her high school years.  So both of them KNOW the curriculum. 

Elijah showed up on Friday with Rob and the little boys and spent a good part of Saturday working on the tedious job of recording the orders on the spreadsheets. 
Both our sons are heavily involved in the day to day of BiblioPlan.  This year they learned how to package orders which has been a huge load off our shoulders.  They also created their own Hands-On Notebooking Series for BiblioPlan.  It does this Mama proud each time one of their products sells!
The little boys got into the BiblioPlan action when it was time to pack up.  Aaron knows the routine and takes the tear down part very seriously.  John pitched in once he figured out what we were doing.
The convention for John was fun but a bit overwhelming.  At one point the two of them went exploring the convention hall with an older, former RR girl who could converse with John in his language.  He enjoyed seeing everything and he definitely enjoyed talking in his own language, but he became uncomfortable when so many kind people kept coming up to him and greeting him by name.  Aaron has gotten used to people knowing him wherever he goes, but John didn't understand how they knew him and it definitely unnerved him.  After that he either stayed in the booth where he felt safe or went out with Rob or with me. Sweet boy likes attention but not quite that much! 
He definitely got a LOT of attention later that night when he decided to open the Red-handled Emergency Exit door at the restaurant. Every single person in that restaurant had their eyes on our son while those alarms screamed in our ears. I think he learned the DON'T OPEN THE RED-HANDLED DOOR lesson very well!
Sadly, I am leaving again on Wednesday for another weekend away. Ben and I are flying across the country.  Ben is heading for California to do the Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario.  If you are there please go say hi to him!  I'm parting ways with him in Texas and doing the Association of Classical Christian School Convention in Dallas. We fly back home late late Saturday night.  I was grateful to get flights that allowed us to fly together except for the Texas-California flight.  It makes leaving a tad better when I get to fly with my oldest by my side.





  1. It's such a blessing to see your family in action, Julia! ;-)

  2. So sad you aren't coming to California. Maybe next year :) I would love to finally meet you. Prayers for safe travels for all of you.


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