Friday, June 26, 2015

One Lonely Butterfly

A few weeks ago we dismantled the room we had set up for the cutest little girl across the ocean.
  Our two littlest were shouting with glee as we cleaned it out and made it into a fun toy room for them. 
 It's a tiny room and making it into a toy room made the most sense since they are sharing the other small bedroom. 
In the midst of their joy at having their own space, I had to wipe away some tears.  As Rob removed the bunk beds, we discovered one stray butterfly.  I missed it when I pulled the butterflies off the wall in April.  I didn't take it down.  I couldn't bear to remove it. So our boys now have one lonely butterfly on the wall above their massive piles of Legos. 
Don't get me wrong. I love our newest and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.  Even though he is testing and pressing and pushing the boundaries, my love for him is growing ever deeper as the days go by.
 Each morning he comes down with the happiest grin on his face and will often climb into my lap so Mama can 'eat John.'  He sits in my lap and I hug him and kiss him and he giggles and feigns horror at my kissing claiming that I will eat him up. I wouldn't trade those moments.  Not for a million.  A trillion.  Ever.
But I still grieve. I can't help it. I still miss the little girl we left behind.  So does Rob.  Grief hits us when we least expect it.  I pray for her daily.  I long for a family to find her and for her to say yes. Yes!


So I'm keeping the lonely butterfly.  It is a reminder to pray for the one we left behind.  A little girl who needs a family. A Mama, a Papa and a room to call her own.

Her listing is back on Reece's Rainbow. 



  1. Oh sweet friend, praying for comfort...praying for a future for Harper full of family.

  2. Out of the blue come the healing tears of grief. Praying for you & Rob and also for the Lord's work in the Little Lonely Butterfly's heart and mind.

  3. Precious post. I look forward to the day Harper sees what your family's earnest, loving prayers have wrought. Kel

  4. I love you, love you friend! I prayed over Harper's picture and asked she knew want she had given up and would the Lord please send her another chance at a family! I am grieving with you, although I could never understand exactly how you feel.

  5. (((HUGS))) Praying for Harper. And praying for you. Experiencing these things are so hard, heart wrenching and life changing, and help us LOVE those we can hold even more!

  6. looks like you didn't want to put up my com...
    I would just like to make sure you don't think I am a mean commentor...
    I am french and might express myself in a way that might hurt you
    if it is the case I didn't mean it... I am full of compassion.
    But it hurts too when you do not put my comment up... so please, à l'avenir, indulge me a word and explain... it would be kind. Because it hurts to see that for some reason there is a veto on my comments.
    If by a small chance my comments didn't appear on your wall, forget this post ! ;)

  7. So glad John has you guys, and praying that Harper will get to say yes to a lovely family soon!

  8. She will always have a place in your heart, and your time with her may have been just what was necessary to plant some seeds in HER heart which may not bloom in this season - but which may bear marvelous fruit in the seasons yet to come.

    Praying for everyone involved, especially Harper..

    Susan in Kentucky

  9. Grieving with you and asking that He carry you and the weight of it all even as you continue to love her well through prayer. He holds her and her journey and like with all of our journeys there are the parts we don't like and wouldn't choose for self or those we love..yet His love is stronger, hardier, more joyful and His plans will not be thwarted. May you be able to pray with great hope and expectation as He carries the grief. Not a "sermon" being sent your way..but a call to deeper confidence..Jesus incredible confidence in our Abba that He knew and walked with in all the ways we long to. Love you, Julie! ...and all your guys... Hugs

  10. Her picture just came up again on Україна без сиріт... looking for a family for her. :-( I'm praying.


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