Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maybe... Maybe...

I can't ever predict when the words I write on this blog will have any effect.  I gave up a long time ago trying to figure it out.  It was futile.  What I assumed would do well fizzled, and those posts that I assumed wouldn't make any difference ended up being the ones God used the most. I made a decision years ago that my job on this blog is to be faithful to what God has called me to do.  I can't sit around and worry about the effectiveness of my words or the impact they will have.  I just need to write what God is laying on my heart and let the Holy Spirit do the work.
Last Friday I wrote a blogpost About a Lost Boy.  A precious child we met in country.  I had no idea if that post would stir in any hearts, but when the Lord whispered last Friday morning I chose to lay aside the mountain of work calling my name and I wrote that post.
That post was shared multiple times on Facebook.  I seriously couldn't believe it while it was happening.  I don't have blogposts with that many shares.  I'm just small potatoes in the blogworld. I was private messaged again and again with inquires about Toby.  I had people coming out of the woodwork as the Holy Spirit stirred in hearts.
As that post wove its way out from one person to the next... it landed in the Facebook feed of a Reece's Rainbow mom.  From there it went to her mom feed who turned around and shared it with her other daughter.  A daughter who God had been preparing for a long time for just that moment in time.  When she clicked the post she knew.  Her husband knew.  "Let's get him," he said.
They are getting him.
Toby has a family.
With a joy-filled heart I get to say on this Wednesday afternoon that Toby has a family.
But that can't be the end of the story.
I can't believe the story just ends with Toby.  Too many people - too many husbands and wives were considering, considering, praying, praying.  They were praying About one Lost Boy.  But I'm hoping, praying, believing that as the door closed for all those heart-stirred families to adopt Toby, that the door will open for them to consider others.
There are so many others.
Other Lost Boys and Lost Girls who are waiting and longing and begging for families just as Toby has been waiting and begging.
Please. If you were one of the many who had their hearts stirred... Consider that maybe, MAYBE God was preparing your heart for another.  Another Lost Boy.  Another Lost Girl.  A child somewhere longing, pleading for a family.
Rob and I are well acquainted with just how many children are fatherless. When we lost Harper the weight of choosing another was HUGE.  Walking away was not an option with such great need before us.
Please consider that Maybe... Maybe... there could be another.
What about Marv?  His eyes cross and he is developmentally slow.   SO WHAT!!  He too WANTS a family. 
Marv (2)
Sweet boy is so longing for a Mama and a Papa!  He has waited so very very long.
Annie Trenda's photo.
He has a whole host of people who have been trying so hard to get him seen.  Will you SEE HIM?  Please??
Becki Boop's photo.
Or Charlie whom we met and absolutely fell in love with.  He is a gem!!  Please! See sweet Charlie!
He can dress himself and loves to color and is a great big brother to the little boys at that facility.  When we took the group picture he was so quick to reach out and pull into his lap one of the little boys. He's gentle and sweet.  He follows directions and talks and is going to excel in a family. 
What about Rebecca, whom we also met?  On the last day when we were saying our goodbyes, she reached her hands up and drew my face towards me and gave me the sweetest kiss.  It was so completely unexpected. She is so full of life and would be another one who will thrive in a family.


I met Ben and Isaiahu too who are so ready to join a family.
ben  isaiah
I held both boys in my arms and showered them both with love and kisses!!  Ben is just so fragile and needy and Isaiahu is pure love.  He is the happiest little boy living in a world of sorrow and loss. 
I could point out so many others. So many others..
If your hearts were opened for Toby - please consider that Maybe... MAYBE... God was using Toby to open your heart for another. 
Is it possible?
Please don't quiet that stirring...  Listen.  Consider. Pray.
CLICK HERE and go see the hundreds of OTHERS who are out there in search of families. 


  1. thank you for posting and caring about these boys. How do you get the access to go into meet them, see them get pictures. I cannot adopt at this time.. but I want to be more involved, work in an orphanage or something. How would I go about this?

    1. Hi Noelle - I met Charlie and Rebecca while we were adopting John. I met Ben and Isaiahu while we were in Kiev. I took a day trip to go love on the boys in an institute called Romaniv. My dear friends love on the boys there twice a week and they graciously let me come love on them too. Their blog is here:

  2. LOVE THIS! HOORAY FOR TOBY! There ARE parents for these sweet children, I just know it! I pray for Marv several times a day. I know all in God's time, but it hurts that he is still waiting!

  3. Oh PRAISE GOD! So, so thankful that Toby has a family! Thank you, Jesus!

  4. Julia what you do is huge! You have a God-given talent for writing and you use it so wisely. Not only to make a living, but to touch so many lives also. Your blog carries so much weight and the power to change lives. I would also like to sneak in a plea for another boy, Brock on RR, another child who would do so well in a family!


  5. Such wonderful news! Thank you for your faithfulness!

  6. Praise God for answering so many prayers for Toby! My husband second this: "AWESOME!" We prayed and shared for Toby, too...Been reading here for just over two years, and while the timing is still not right for us to adopt, our 'Yes!' is there, just waiting for God to tell us when...Keep writing and keep sharing, Julia! You truly have a beautiful gift for the advocating that you do here, and I've seen time and time again how God can reach people's hearts through your words!

  7. Yeah, God!! and Yeah for you and everyone else who said yes to Him in playing a role to help that family connect with Toby!! May many others be seen and find their families too!!


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