Monday, August 24, 2015

Meet Charlie

We met him back in April and he just plain stole my heart.  He was sitting at a table eating when I walked into the room.  I was looking for a little boy listed on Reece's Rainbow with Down Syndrome but knew he wasn't that child. He was so handsome and sitting so quietly that I walked over to his table and leaned in to say hello him.  He got up from his chair, smiled and gave me a hug. 
 I looked at our facilitator and asked her if he was available.  She found out that day that YES, he was available for adoption.  We were allowed to take pictures and by the end of the week he was listed.
If you are looking for a sweet boy who will just melt right into your family with the greatest of ease he is an amazing choice.  A family is in his orphanage right now adopting and they took a brand new picture of him last week and it absolutely made my day! 
Look at this handsome boy!
Oh someone see Charlie!! Please!!
He is gentle and calm and can follow directions.  He takes care of the little boys in his group.  When we took pictures on John's last day, he happily pulled one of the littler boys up and into his lap.
Look at that sweet treasure smiling at the camera!!
Did I say he was calm?  He can dress himself and feed himself and he is in school every day learning all kinds of things. He's in a great place right now but soon... way too soon... he is going to be transferred.  Where he is going is a far cry from where he is now. 
Please hurry Mama!!  Hurry!!

He's a loving boy. 

Sweet and tender. 

 He's precious and special and the fact that he has gone so unnoticed for so long just makes my heart ache.

 Please let's not pass him over.

See Charlie.
His smiles and hugs are going to bring such joy to one very blessed family!
Since I know that the vast majority of people reading this post cannot adopt him (only one blessed family gets that amazing privilege) I am challenging you to help me get his grant account increased. Right now it has $696.00 in his account.  Do you have 5, 10, 20, 100 to throw in his bucket??  So so often the greatest barrier to adoption is  



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  1. Any idea about the little blond boy in the fifth picture down in maroon shirt. He so reminds me of ouytr son matthew adopted in 2005 from odessa. Cara My email is


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