Sunday, September 20, 2015

5 Years Ago Today

5 Years Ago Today!!
Five years ago!
He's been ours for FIVE years.
September 20, 2010 we officially and forever became his Mama and Papa.
I'll never forget that day. We bought him something akin to a hot dog at the outside market,
brought in a couple of punch balloons and celebrated quite properly with our soon to be freed son.
Goodness gracious I look at these pictures of him from five years ago and can't get over how LITTLE
 and ADORABLE he was!!

You rocked our world five years ago!!

Five years home.


  1. C'mon, don't we get a "now" photo?


  2. Replies
    1. Hmmmm had to comment here or it wouldn't let me!??
      I remember the first time "I" saw Aaron here, and I fell in love with your precious beautiful son! He has blessed my life by knowing him. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) The Lord has big plans for him!
      When I see how tiny my boys were when they came and how now Julius' Dr has the audacity to suggest he's overweight!!! But truly I had no idea they'd grow so fast and get so big! LOL!! Love it!

  3. celebrating with you!!!!!!!! kel

  4. I too can't believe how little he was... Or that it's five years already! Where does the time go? :)


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